Home At Last

I can’t believe we are home in Canada. It feels very surreal and bizarre so I won’t write about that yet!

Given the -30 weather we’ve come back to I prefer to talk about our last lovely few days in the UK. We finally got down to Dorset to visit Lady Fia’s cousins. We stayed in Corfe one night which was absolutely lovely. The National Trust castle dates back to William the Conqueror…

20140121-111210 am.jpg

20140121-111223 am.jpg

20140121-111235 am.jpg

20140121-111248 am.jpg

20140121-111302 am.jpg

Fia’s Aunty and Uncle live further towards the coast and we had the perfect two day visit. They live on a little farm in Melplash which is very close to Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s original “River Cottage”. You will remember I love his Veg cookbook. On Saturday we took a farm walk to see the cottage, gorgeous…

20140121-111641 am.jpg

20140121-111658 am.jpg

20140121-111707 am.jpg

20140121-111720 am.jpg

20140121-111729 am.jpg

20140121-111743 am.jpg
If you were a fan of his original series then you will remember this is where he had his pigs…

20140121-111836 am.jpg

Another day we spent some time on the coast at a lovely town called Lyme Regis. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that this is where I found Town Mill Bakery and died over their Eccles cakes…

20140121-112009 am.jpg

20140121-112028 am.jpg

20140121-112041 am.jpg

20140121-112051 am.jpg

On Sunday, our last full day in the UK, we went to their local beach and had a beautiful walk in the sunshine. Everyone was out in their wellies walking dogs…

20140121-112214 am.jpg

20140121-112225 am.jpg

20140121-112232 am.jpg

20140121-112241 am.jpg

20140121-112249 am.jpg

I can not think of a better ending to our UK adventure! I know we will be back lots but I’m sad to leave.

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