I knit this sweater when I was 12! (1989)

I believe I was in grade 7 when I knit my very first sweater and can you believe I still have it!  Many will notice the popular style for the time. Mom had taught me to knit before this but I suppose she thought I was finally ready for a large project so she took me to Lens Mills in Cambridge and I picked this Patons yarn (green with a multi-coloured fleck and a creamy white). I had so much fun knitting and I was hooked. Things really took off when mom discovered the Needle Emporium yarn shop in Ancaster, ON. We quickly became friends with Julie, the very knowledgable and kind owner.  I was quickly converted to gourmet yarns and have never looked back. 

My first quilt. (2006)

More recently, I have taken up quilting with a vengeance! I can’t get enough of beautiful fabric. Again, mom fuelled this passion when she bought me a Janome Quilter’s Companion sewing machine about 6 years ago.  We were at the Creative Sewing festival in Toronto and I saw the coolest fabric I’d ever seen at the Kallisti Quilts booth.  I talked with a girl who was working in the booth named Johanna Masko.  She recommended the sewing machine and said that she would offer me some beginner quilt lessons…the rest is history!

I am a Canadian currently living and working as a teacher in England with my husband (who features often in my blog!)  I began this blog as a way to showcase some of my creative ventures and to share my travel adventures with friends from home.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello: We have not met but I have met your mum at Julie’s and knitting camp 2011. I started following your adventures as I did the same thing long before you were born but in reverse, I came to Canada. With email, skipe (is that how you spell it) it is easier these days to stay in touch with your loved ones, I relied on the postal service.
    Just wanted to say today how much I loved the changes you made to the sweater you knit in Berroco Jasper. So much so I’m going to ask Julie if she has the pattern and can help me do the same changes.
    Glad you can come home for Easter, it makes being away easier when you can come back.
    Take care of yourselves and I hope you don’t think it creepy that a total stranger is emailing you. Regards, Linda Haist

    • Hi Linda, not creepy at all, especially because you know mom. I’ll tell her you wrote. It is fun here but I’m very excited to come home tomorrow! Thanks about the sweater, I went a bit orange weird on the buttons, looked better in the store, but I’m actually thrilled with how it turned out fit wise, I think I’ll probably wear it a lot. Take care.

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