Random Finds

Yet another rainy day here!!! Will it ever end? To combat the blah we braved the weather today to look for quilt batting. The first store we went to was all home decor fabric so I looked on the trusty iPhone and found a quilt shop called Patchwork Corner in Hemel Hempstead, a town about 20 min away. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a mix of traditional and modern with no countryish fabric in sight. Of course John took some pics without me knowing…



Of course I got a few things…

I couldn’t resist this fabric for a little boy maybe…I have the kids making rockets with a white back ground but I do love the navy…

I’m trying not to get England fabric that is too tacky. I like these. I think they have a lot right now because of the Jubilee and Olympics this year…


On the way home we passed by a street with barges at the end of it in a canal (of course John spotted the area as he loves boats of all kind). It is called Apsley Locks and there are condos built around in a square. I think it would be a neat place to live. John could kayak every morning!…



As we were driving in I saw a sign for a Vegetarian restaurant. It was perfect, by the water with gorgeous food. I will definitely take mom when she comes to visit at the end of May. We started with this lovely beet root, chilli and coconut soup…

Then we had a spinach and feta crepe and an eggplant and chickpea curry with couscous and sweet potato wedges, yummy…


When we got home I could put together the quilt for my friend Liz’s sister who is having a baby soon. I hope she likes it. I think it’s modern city chic baby. Hopefully I can manage a cool free motion quilting pattern that will look pretty on the light grey fabric…

And the back…




Rainy Day Knitting

So it’s raining again…someone said to me yesterday that March was probably our summer over here in the UK. I surely hope not!!!

It does give you more incentive to sit and knit though. When I returned from Easter I was greeted by a pleasant surprise, two brand new knitting books! John and I had one of his work colleagues over for dinner some time back and I happened to show her some of my knitting. She sent me these two books from Sweden, how sweet…


It was funny because mom and I had been talking about Barbara Walker’s top-down knitting work.

I thought the least I could do was to knit her a pair of mitts as a quick thank you. I’ve been wanting to make a pair of these Cloisonee mitts and they looked quick and easy…


I chose brown as a base with some nice jewel tones…


Now I just have to finish the second one. Here it is inside out. When I knit in the round I like to knit with the good side in, don’t know why just do!…

Lots of ends to work in though eh!

Look up!

When you are walking on the street do you ever find yourself looking mostly at the ground or eye level? John and I are always reminding each other to look up in a new place because this is often where some of the most beautiful sights in a city can be seen.

Case in point:
On Sunday we took John’s parents to a photo exhibit of the Queen at the Victoria and Albert Museum…



The outside of the building was beautiful too…



And oddly the titles in the bathroom too!!!…


The exhibit was neat. I like to think the Queen and I are close!…of course John thinks I’m crazy…

Cecil Beaton first starting taking pictures for the Queen in 1942. I particularly liked how they displayed some of his contact sheets from various photo shoots…


After the museum John took us to a restaurant in the Chelsea, Belgravia area of London. It was a beautiful sunny day and wow what an area to walk around. You wouldn’t even know you were in a city. If you had all the money in the world ONE of your homes would be in this area!…AGAIN LOOK UP!!!






Anyways, won’t be moving there anytime soon but it’s nice to visit and walk around!

I’m Elizabeth Bennett!!!

John and I had a great weekend travelling to see his sister’s family south of London on Saturday. We went for a bike ride down some country lanes to a public foot path for a lovely walk through the English countryside. I truly felt like I was in some Jane Austen book walking through the fields before high tea!

Mary and her 2 youngest were with us…it was a beautiful day…






Food Shopping!

I’m washing my new fabric so will probably start a quilt tomorrow but I needed to get groceries today and as I LOVE to shop for food so I thought I would share some things that strike me as different.

This is Sainsbury’s…I prefer Waitrose but today was on budget…

20120420-120259 AM.jpg

I’m keen to eat these little potatoes from Lady Fia’s Mummy’s home…

20120420-120433 AM.jpg

Look you can buy just 1/2 a cucumber…

20120420-120635 AM.jpg

Hmmm purple sprouting broccoli, interesting…

20120420-120738 AM.jpg

I’m going to have to go to Jamie Oliver or my new fav Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall for recipes with these beans that I’ve never seen before…(runner beans and stringless beans)…

20120420-121048 AM.jpg
They are about triple the size of a regular bean. Wowza.

John got a nice dinner too with recipes from the Sainsbury’s magazine. Raw shaved asparagus salad with lemon and grated parmesan and mushroom, red pepper, spinach and pine nut tartlets…

20120420-121303 AM.jpg
Ah, the things you can do when you have the time eh!!!

Home is where John is now!

I was a last minute pea again on the way home. What a treat! John said I was on standby and when I checked in no decisions had been made. It really is nice. I actually slept for a bit. I also watched The Iron Lady, worth watching I think.

What is funny is that when John picked me up he was so excited to see me he forgot where he parked…slightly typical!

20120418-083818 PM.jpg
It took awhile to jog his memory!

On a crafty note while travelling…I had my new pack of crochet hooks and 2 sets of needles in my carry on and the security lady did ask what they were and why so many but of course never took a proper look and it was totally fine…once again proving you can travel with your knitting people!

Isn’t this a cute knitting number from my friend Judy…

20120418-084500 PM.jpg

Crochet Idea!

Check it…3 squares done…I fancy myself a crochet wiz now, ha…

20120415-120854 PM.jpg

This is my idea…remember the knit log cabin blanket…

20120415-121021 PM.jpg
Well each square takes a ball of Noro Kureyon but you end up with a bit left from each ball (enough for one Granny Square.) I of course threw all my bits out from the first blanket (I’m not really a scrap keeper because I feel they will just sit there forever not being used) but mom kept hers and I’ll keep the extra from my second blanket. I think I’ll put the squares together like the knit one with black in between. We’ll see.

Oh and take a look at gorgeous Lady Fia. She’s wearing her new cardi and guzzling hot chocolate from Starbucks! She won’t even take a breath for fear it will be taken away!

20120415-121637 PM.jpg