March Break Kickoff

March Break is upon us! I’ll be home to witness a lot more daytime kitty antics! I’m looking forward to a weekend of sewing (check out the Spool and Spindle destash sale this weekend), cooking, reading and relaxing. We haven’t ever felt we should go away for March Break. I know it would be wonderful but our summers are precious and we make the most of them, so don’t feel sorry for us lol. July will be here soon enough.

In case you want to make the most of cooking this break you can pick up my new magazine pics. I did get the new Milk Street and Bon Apétit but they are quite meat heavy this month. There is a delightful salted caramel chocolate tart in Bon Apétit though so it may have just been worth getting…IMG_3152IMG_3153IMG_3154IMG_3168

I’m excited about the Side-Dishes one especially. As veggies that is often our main meal. It’s also nice to have new sides to offer up guests. I’m looking forward to some of the potato recipes. Maybe the Cut the Sugar mag will help us get summer ready lol!

February Garment

You’d think I could sew more in one month than this poncho but whatever!

I’m really digging this little number. The Popover Poncho by April Rhodes, too cute!…


I picked up this fabric on sale at Fabricland. It was exactly what I was after for this project. IMG_2914

It was supposed to have this bias binding from the neck fabric, navy jersey knit, around the bottom edge but in the end I just decided to serge and turn up the hem.IMG_2913

Love the cute pocket. It was fun to fussy cut the pattern I wanted.IMG_2916

Always fun to try something new. I opted for the grommet eyelets for a more professional look instead of doing buttonholes. It was super easy!IMG_2923IMG_2924IMG_2926IMG_2928


Also, love the friends that helped/hindered my sewing progress…IMG_3034IMG_2911IMG_2912

March will be some summer dresses. I’m feeling the stress of getting them ready for July so I need to make a start.


My First Hudson Pants

That’s right folks I whipped up my first pair of Hudson Pants from True Bias (and I do mean first pair because this is a fab pattern and it will be made again soon)! Remember it is also part of my 2018 resolution/challenge to make at least 1 garment a month. The end of January is fast approaching so I’m glad these could be whipped up in a day!…


Finished Hudson Pants

I’ve been dying to try this pattern for ages now. I got this gorgeous french terry from Spool and Spindle in Kitchener, ON. I knew this fabric would stretch out quite a bit so I went down a size from what I was originally thinking.I like this style of pant a little more close fitting. (Glad I did. This is the size 4 but I think in a regular jersey I’d do the 6.) I used the Navy in this fabric for the Lane Raglan by Hey June. If you look closely to the pic on the left you will see how it hangs bigger than the standard black sweat shirt material, especially at the neck and sleeves. Not sure I would go down a size if I made it again but just be prepared for it to fit more loosely…

You’ll notice I played around with a cute floral pocket detail (Liberty print floral jersey that I got when we lived in the UK). Check out the process…


Purchase the pattern online or in a store. I got mine off the True Bias website. Print it and tape it together.


I checked out my fav PJ pants from Costco years ago that remind me of the Hudson Pant. The black pair is straight from the dryer and the grey has been worn. I wanted to pick a size that would be no larger than the grey pair. I measured the grey ones to decide to make the 4.


If I have a digital pattern I like to just cut it out because I can always reprint for an alternate size.


I auditioned fabric for the job!


I decided to use this black and white ribbing for the cuffs and waistband. I reversed it to the lighter side for the pocket detail.


Time to use this amazing french terry. So cuddly!


Decide to cut later because the babies looked so cute.


Do up the pockets first.


Fun pocket details.


Practiced my button holes on a scrape first!


Final button holes not too shabby!


Sew the drawstring casing.


Get my Instagram Husband to take photos!


Can’t wait for spring to wear these shoes again!



Too cold for just a long sleeved shirt but warm enough today for just a vest, yahoo!



Wear these the rest of the day!

Can’t wait to make another pair!

Long Way Around

This weekend I had the bright idea to sew some baby bibs. I’ve had a little template for awhile now and a few friends with babies coming up so I thought I would whip one up…Very simple project really but it turned into one of those things where I was making my life harder because I wanted to try something particular (being the magnetic snap). Basically, me making my life more difficult than it needed to be!

The Finished Product

Almost finished project, minus the edge stitching to finish off.

Notice the fancy shmancy pretty silver snap closure. It’s too big and awkward and I wouldn’t recommend it! I ended up taking it out and sewing on some velcro instead. Note: these types of magnetic snaps are actually quite easy to put in so I wasn’t way off the mark BUT you’d probably need a smaller one for a bib. It is a strong closure so even though I reinforced the fabric with heavy interfacing the snap would eventually pull the fabric apart.  They are also a real pain to sew around. You will see them in the pictures of the process below but just SEW ON VELCRO! 

Full disclosure: I didn’t draw this pattern myself, I printed the bib template from, here. Take a look at her site as well, super cute stuff. I started by printing and cutting out the pattern. I glued it onto a piece of bristle board I found in the basement while we were unpacking…

Glue on bristle board (card stock for my UK friends)

Glue on bristle board (card stock for my UK friends)

Snip snip

Snip snip

The instructions are on the bib but basically trace on fabric on the wrong side, lining and main fabric right sides together. I busted out some of my fancy oil cloth for the front side of this bib (it could totally be done reversible too). Pin it in place because oil/laminated cloth is a slippery little sucker…

Pretty, pretty Japanese oil cloth!

Pretty, pretty Japanese oil cloth!

Pin in place so tracing is easier

Pin in place so tracing is easier

You could trace with many things but I like to use coloured mechanical pencil crayons. Sometimes I have a hard time finding them so get a couple packs. I like mechanical pencils because they are very fine and sharp and you can trace close to the template…

Mechanical Pencil Crayons

Mechanical Pencil Crayons

Go ahead and trace it

Go ahead and trace it

You could pin the pattern down for tracing but it wasn’t a complicated outline so I just held it down. If it did shift it would have been easy to line up again and keep going. Next cut it out a 1/4 inch outside the line to give it a seam allowance. (The seam allowance is NOT built into the pattern.) Again, simple pattern, so just go for it BUT if you are worried about cutting a 1/4 inch neatly you could mark it out. I just made a few 1/4 inch marks in a few places to keep in line…(see the pink marks…)…(CUT ON THE PINK AND SEW ON THE BLUE…)

Pink seam allowance marks

Pink seam allowance marks

I also like to mark vertical lines on the bottom of the bib to show where I WON’T sew so that it can be turned outside afterwards. Cut on the template outline, pin right sides together and sew with a 1/4 inch seam. I used a zipper foot if you will notice because I needed to get around the metal closure but just use a regular foot because you will do Velcro or a tiny snap that you would hand sew on after…

Zipper foot on but use a regular foot if not doing a snap like this

Zipper foot on but use a regular foot if not doing a snap like this

There are lots of curvy edges on a bib so I went around and snipped in on the curviest bits to make it lay nice and flat once turned…

Clip to the seam allowance of the curviest bits

Clip to the seam allowance of the curviest bits

Turn’er inside out now through that hole you left at the bottom…

Forgot to leave a hole, no worries just unpick...

Forgot to leave a hole, no worries just unpick…

After turning, I finger pressed it nicely and then ran an iron over the cotton fabric side, not the sticky oilcloth side, duh! I like a nice 1/8 inch edge stitch to finish it off. The edge stitch will also have the added benefit of closing off that hole at the bottom too.

Edge stitch

Edge stitch

Let’s talk Velcro/closure placement…You need to think how the ends overlap when closed. I totally had a moment and at first sewed the closures both on the right front sides…think about it, will close twisted…



One side of the closures needs to go on the front of one of the sides and the other side needs to go on the wrong side…like this…if you can see in the picture…

1/2 of snap on front of one side and the other 1/2 on the back of the other side

1/2 of snap on front of one side and the other 1/2 on the back of the other side

Ahhhhhh now it will close flat, if you can imagine!…

Snaps on the right side now

Snaps on the right side now


Soooooo now forget about those metal snappies! Sew squares of velcro on instead. Sew them in the right spots as detailed above. I sewed them on when I was done so that it was secured to both layers and would be stronger. I’m sure I’ll be making more with velcro soon so I will show a few updated pictures.

REALLY, these should only take an hour. Try it out!

Settling in…

Well, John and I have moved into our new house in Kitchener and we’ve been enjoying settling in, that’s for sure! I’m very lucky to have my dream kitchen for cooking and baking and a lovely new sewing space! Let the fun begin! Of course it feels very grown up to own a home. It’s fun to have a space to make our own though and it’s coming along nicely…


We back onto a woods so I think I will have a lot of inspiration while sewing and cooking in years to come…

IMG_5911 IMG_6407

Yes, that’s Lady Fia. Her brother and her have enjoyed lots of time with us already…IMG_6387 IMG_6535 IMG_6556

The cookbooks are unpacked too and we’ve been enjoying the open concept layout to cook up some tasty treats…

IMG_6352 IMG_6353

Our house is a bungalow with a walkout, finished basement which has a perfectly gorgeous sewing space. There was no question I’d set up in front of the fireplace and overlooking the woods…IMG_6635 IMG_6636 IMG_6638

I’m fairly set up now and am looking forward to sewing something over the weekend! Of course I have a sweater I need to be knitting for the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic in a couple of weeks. Check out the show here. I’ll be there working with the Needle Emporium.

Sleepover Extravaganza!

Why have I been so horrible at blogging since we moved back from the UK! It’s not like I haven’t been creating. Oh well, I guess my upcoming New’s Year’s resolution will be to document my adventures more. I’m also thinking about starting some sewing classes if we move to a new house. Right now we are in a wee house with not a lot of room for extra people. The people that do come to stay over have to be teeny tiny. One of my favourite ankle biters to have over is Lady Fia. I’ve been meaning to show what we came up with on her last sleepover. You can tell from the picture that she would often arrive with her stuff in a nasty old grocery bag. Not cool right, so of course I had to make her a sleepover tote. I figured that this would be a good first project for her to help me with…


A week before the sleepover she went to Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph with me to choose fabric. Shocking she picked something purple and pink! She does have good taste though; I love the unicorns! (The fabric is from Heather Ross’ Far Far Away 2 collection.) She was terribly excited to get started but for a 4 year old showed an amazing amount of concentration to measure, cut and sew almost the entire bag. Of course she’d had enough after awhile and I finished it up during “quiet time”…

IMG_5727 IMG_5722 IMG_5720

She was very proud of the final product and I had a blast craftin’ with her. What to do next…


Pretty Planter

Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for my latest crafty adventure. I was reading the blog Sew Caroline and she was saying how one of her most popular blog posts was all about a quick DIY flower planter. See here if you want to check out her post.

This is my finished version…

A couple weeks ago, on garbage day, I passed these two already sanded chairs that I thought would make the cutest holders for this idea…


John helped me get primer and paint at Dulux. Admittedly, it was an impulse stop and we could have definitely found cheaper paint but I wanted to do it right then and there, you know how it is when inspiration strikes right! Anyways, we got white spray outdoor primer and a small tin of paint in “Thai Teal”. They didn’t have a nice range of spray paint so we decided to use brushes. (Actually, I have since seen a ton of colours of spray paint at Walmart of all places and I bet if we’d looked around we could have found a similar colour in spray. Oh well, it wasn’t that much more work.) I sprayed them with the white primer and let them dry for a bit…

and then John helped me to paint…



It took me awhile to find baskets I liked; they needed to be 16″ and not too expensive. I think they came out darling. One for me and one for mom. Mine has the purple flowers and mom’s is sitting out the front with her pansy planters…





Back to Sewing

Yesterday John and I drove to Guelph to Greenwood Quiltery to get a few bits of fabric. Of course we then had to have lunch at With the Grain. Our detour stop was to go to the Triangle Sewing Centre down the road because I need to get my sewing machine serviced. They are also having a sewing machine sale so I had to check out a new Janome…

I test drove the Janome Horizon 8200. It was pretty smooth and boasts many more features than my little Janome mechanical machine. I loved the extra room in the arm for larger projects. Dreams, dreams, dreams…I did get a brochure to put by John’s side of the bed though!

When we got home I settled into some sewing in my new sewing room upstairs. Not quite as glamorous as my room in the UK but it does have a nice view of the lake from the golf course behind. I’m glad to be finally set back up…








Knitter’s Frolic

It was an early morning today! Up at 5 to meet at the Needle Emporium. I was helping with Julie’s booth at the Downtown Knit Collective’s Knitter’s Frolic at the Japanese Cultural Centre. If you haven’t been before it is well worth the trip. This year Julie featured the new Mrs. Crosby yarn. It comes in 5 weights and Julie has it first in the world! The names of the yarn are travel themed so Julie planned a baggage carousel idea with old fashioned trunks and cases. It was a lovely set up!…








The yarn itself is dreamy and I got to touch many samples today. Everyone loved this cute hat that was done it two colours of the fingering weight. Find it on Ravelry, called Anemone or click here.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay the whole day because we had already planned to take Lady Fia to see a Dora play at the Randolph Theatre in Toronto. It was well worth it and she loved it! See the before and after pics in the car lol!! She’s way too precious and beautiful…


Good day!

All Done

I can’t believe the Gift Fair is over! It was a wonderful event and drum roll please…we raised £12,000 for Parkinson’s UK and Herts Young Homelessness. Amazing, right! It was a crazy few days from set up Thursday night…

20131125-052337 pm.jpg

20131125-052345 pm.jpg

20131125-052352 pm.jpg

20131125-052401 pm.jpg

To set up on Friday morning…

20131125-052500 pm.jpg

20131125-052511 pm.jpg

20131125-052522 pm.jpg

While I was running around organising and talking to vendors John did one heck of a job setting up the gogolittlered booth! Thanks…

20131125-052659 pm.jpg

20131125-052706 pm.jpg

20131125-052718 pm.jpg

I sold a few things but mainly wanted to see what people thought. I’m rich in compliments! A lot of people were interested in lessons too which is fabulous. Long live making and doing!