Altair Cap

I have forgotten how tedious ribbing is on a 2.25 needle! My Altair Cap “tam” is coming along. I feel like I’ve knit a lot but am not at the fun colour work yet, almost there.

The tubular cast on is as nice as people have been saying. It really gives a nice stretch to the hat. The instructions in the pattern were super easy to follow as well. No more worrying if your cast on is too tight…

20140129-101040 am.jpg

It’s growing and yes that is a rainbow loom band marking the beginning of the row…

20140129-101111 am.jpg

I’m keen to get to the next colour though. I love that pinky dove grey…

20140129-101300 am.jpg
Hopefully I’ll get to it tonight after yoga.

Knitting Again

First of all, if you are from Canada I know I’m whining but COME ON!…



Mom and I popped into see Julie at the store yesterday in Ancaster (The Needle Emporium). It was so nice to catch up and be inspired to knit again. I got some Madeline Tosh sock yarn (Fingering Weight) to make a cute slouchy hat by Jared Flood called The Altair Cap. It’s like a tam but fits like a slouchy hat. There is some pretty colour work at the top too that the picture doesn’t show…


I got it rolled right away when we got home. There is something so nice and satisfying about setting yarn up to wind…



So it’s all ready to go…I’m even going to do the tubular cast-on which I’ve never tried…


I think there is enough yarn to do two hats actually!

Home At Last

I can’t believe we are home in Canada. It feels very surreal and bizarre so I won’t write about that yet!

Given the -30 weather we’ve come back to I prefer to talk about our last lovely few days in the UK. We finally got down to Dorset to visit Lady Fia’s cousins. We stayed in Corfe one night which was absolutely lovely. The National Trust castle dates back to William the Conqueror…

20140121-111210 am.jpg

20140121-111223 am.jpg

20140121-111235 am.jpg

20140121-111248 am.jpg

20140121-111302 am.jpg

Fia’s Aunty and Uncle live further towards the coast and we had the perfect two day visit. They live on a little farm in Melplash which is very close to Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s original “River Cottage”. You will remember I love his Veg cookbook. On Saturday we took a farm walk to see the cottage, gorgeous…

20140121-111641 am.jpg

20140121-111658 am.jpg

20140121-111707 am.jpg

20140121-111720 am.jpg

20140121-111729 am.jpg

20140121-111743 am.jpg
If you were a fan of his original series then you will remember this is where he had his pigs…

20140121-111836 am.jpg

Another day we spent some time on the coast at a lovely town called Lyme Regis. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that this is where I found Town Mill Bakery and died over their Eccles cakes…

20140121-112009 am.jpg

20140121-112028 am.jpg

20140121-112041 am.jpg

20140121-112051 am.jpg

On Sunday, our last full day in the UK, we went to their local beach and had a beautiful walk in the sunshine. Everyone was out in their wellies walking dogs…

20140121-112214 am.jpg

20140121-112225 am.jpg

20140121-112232 am.jpg

20140121-112241 am.jpg

20140121-112249 am.jpg

I can not think of a better ending to our UK adventure! I know we will be back lots but I’m sad to leave.

Moving Days?

I bet you think that because the moving company is packing us up to move to Canada that I’d have been frantically clearing out on the weekend, right? Well we were but of course there were some last minute sewing projects to finish! Moyna, my lovely apparel guru, came back on Friday and I finished up a custom corduroy skirt. Didn’t have enough material to do a waistband so did a facing with lining. Also, we experimented with a lapped zip which you normally wouldn’t do with this type of waist but it worked out fine…
20140113-022852 pm.jpg20140113-022906 pm.jpg20140113-022917 pm.jpg20140113-022932 pm.jpg20140113-022944 pm.jpg

Hand hemmed…
20140113-023009 pm.jpg

Fits great I think. Don’t mind the bottom shots but wanted you to see the full effect!…20140113-023142 pm.jpg20140113-023204 pm.jpg20140113-023219 pm.jpg20140113-023229 pm.jpg20140113-023239 pm.jpg20140113-023249 pm.jpg20140113-023257 pm.jpg

20140113-023355 pm.jpg

I also whipped up a special beach tote with oil cloth for Lady Fia and Lord Isaac for when then summer in the Channel Islands…

20140113-023518 pm.jpg

20140113-023526 pm.jpg

20140113-023627 pm.jpg

Oil cloth is a bit sticky to sew with, to say the least, so I took some internet advice and used masking tape on the foot. It helped a lot I think. I also tried putting tape directly on the area I wanted to sew and then pulled it off afterwards, that worked too…

20140113-023847 pm.jpg

20140113-023854 pm.jpg

Packing in full swing now and I’ve had to say goodbye to my extraordinarily lovely UK sewing room…

20140113-023949 pm.jpg

Grain Store

I haven’t blogged about food in awhile because I know we are moving back and am taking full advantage of the lovely ready made meals here instead of cooking! We also have been eating out like today at lunch when we ate at the Grain Store in Granary Square behind King’s Cross. I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile after seeing a short article about it in a magazine, can’t remember which one. It’s fairly new I think and has won awards for sustainability. Check it out here.

20140105-071947 pm.jpg

Interesting menu with lots of veggie options and a hip vibe. I chose a bit of a mushroom theme. Mushroom croquettes to start; followed by wild creamy mushroom and fried egg; I finished with a coconut kafir lime tapioca. Lovely…

20140105-072252 pm.jpg

20140105-072312 pm.jpg

Mom and John ate well too…

20140105-072406 pm.jpg

20140105-072414 pm.jpg

20140105-072502 pm.jpg

The square outside the restaurant is worth a quick look. There are three large fountain installations on the ground that go up and down at various times and heights which makes it all sound like music as the water hits at different rates. Quite clever!

20140105-073150 pm.jpg

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

I can’t believe that it’s been almost two years since we moved to the UK. As many know I have some news. We are moving back in a couple of weeks. It’s all organised with John’s work and we set off mid January. It’s been a crazy last month with planning and saying goodbye to newly found friends. Our plan was to stay about 2 years but now I don’t know where the time has gone. Now that I’m settled I’m not sure I’m as excited to go back as I would have been a year ago. We will always be back and forth though so it doesn’t feel goodbye forever. In fact, I’m already working on John for a France trip this summer! Also, the Tour de France starts in Yorkshire this year so maybe I can convince him to take me up there for a few days.

Even though we are in clear out mode (and being quite ruthless about it I might add, already more than 7 large garbage bags of things have gone to the charity shop) I’ve still managed to squeeze in some sewing time. On New Year’s Day I whipped up two little dresses from a Minikrea pattern.


I’ve made this one before for Lady Fia. This time I did a cute strawberry jersey knit and floral cordurouy…






I learned a lot about my serger/overlocker with these two projects because I switched colours halfway through and had some rethreading problems. I finally worked it out after much profanity and now think that I could thread it in my sleep. It actually turned out to be a good exercise.

Mom is still here, yeah, and she showed me how to make a quick fabric bowl. She made a few of these recently from a Brett Bara video, linked here. This is one that mom had made…

Super cute eh!

I whipped one up to hold our keys and junk at the front door…






Cool eh! Only took about 20min to make. I can see present ideas forming. Mom made a few different sizes that can nest together. I would make more today but my new Rainbow Loom calls…yes totally hooked. I’ll share that craziness another day!!! I also started the book Divergent last night and I’m totally hooked on reading that too. Apparently, the movie comes out this year. Gotta love the teen genre.