Home Again

I can’t believe I’m home again, it’s like I never left! It’s nice to be back but I wish there wasn’t any snow at all.

I’ve decided to keep knitting on the Bayside Pullover from Coastal Knits. You can check out the pattern here. Funny enough I started this sweater just before we move to the UK. I’ve progressed slightly…

20130329-091824 PM.jpg
I love the cables running down the sides…

20130329-091912 PM.jpg

Unfortunately, it has the same problem as the Boardwalk Vest…someone didn’t pay attention to the tension and it’s a wee bit small! Oh ya, that was me. Fortunately, it is the same yarn as the vest so I know it blocks out well. That means I don’t have to tear it out and start again. I really didn’t want to have to do that!

I also got to spend this nice sunny day today with my Lady Fia…

20130329-092427 PM.jpg

Sewing Machine Horror

There was a lot of cursing yesterday afternoon as all of a sudden my stitches started to get jammed in the machine. I think the bobbin was somehow jumping a bit and the threads were getting caught in the mystery underbelly of the machine. I took the face plate off and tried to clean things up but it didn’t help. I was annoyed on many levels, mostly because I was keen to finish my Baby’s First Christmas quilt before I leave tomorrow for home. Now little pieces are lying in waiting anticipation for my return…

I found a place nearby that repairs and services machines so lovely John’s job while I’m away is to drop it off and get it back safely by the time I get back.

I managed to get half of the quilt top done before it grinded (literally) to a halt…



I got the idea for these blocks from the Fat Quarterly book “Shape Workshop for Quilters”. It’s been a popular book on blogs and I finally got around to buying it and trying a block. The book lays out different block ideas based on different techniques as well as giving some examples of how to put them together in a quilt top. I have just taken the wavy block idea that uses half square triangles. I’ve a sewed them together in groups of three and played with a print pattern that will be more apparent when it’s done. If I remember correctly this is Riley Blake fabric. I also want to put a nice boarder around the entire thing when it’s done but I’m making these things up as I go along!..


I’m pleased with this design and once again love the creativity of quilting. I know it’s very obvious to long time quilters but it’s great to be able to take a simple block design and play with it to become your own. Knitters have this in the form of different stitch pattern swatch books but it just seems so much quicker for a quilter to play with design. I’m not abandoning my knitting roots of course but I am becoming more interested in quilting for sure!

New Quilt Design

I’m really happy with how my new baby quilt top has turned out. I’m actually quite proud of it too because I designed it myself. Well design is a fancy term for I just started piecing things together with no real plan. It features Alexander Henry Zoo fabrics and some by Jay-Cyn Designs…



I constructed the centre blocks of six with the same process by which I construct my 9-patch squares. Then I sashed them together with different coloured fabric instead of one colour. I had a large piece of Jay-Cyn Designs grey birdie spokes by Birch Fabrics. I thought it would match in well but originally thought it would go on the back. I’m so glad I decided to use it on the front with some of the extra zoo fabric to sash. I love being able to just make something up because it happens to quickly, unlike with knitting.

Happy Birthday Lady Fia

I had a baking extravaganza on Sunday in honour of Lady Fia’s 3rd birthday. What a sweet heart. I’m annoyed because I was originally scheduled to fly home today on her birthday but had to delay it a week to work, ugh! Sooooooo Fia I’ll see you soon beautiful!…


I made yummy Banoffee Banana Cupcakes from the front of the Spring Waitrose magazine…


I also made some rhubarb squares from an unknown typed recipe. I wonder if it’s my Grammie’s recipe but I’m not sure. They are super yummy and easy but very sweet…


Finally, I made these Chocolate Florintines which was a recipe from the cards that Sainsbury’s gives away. They were a bit comical to make in my teeny tiny fridge because you need to cool them in the fridge or freezer to set. There was a lot of moving things around to make this happen…


It’s Saved

For weeks now I’ve just had the mitred square neck to do on the Boardwalk vest. I leave for home next Tuesday so I really wanted to get it done. The neck was fun to do and really quick because you are decreasing 6 stitches every right side row…


I also love how the neck and shoulder finishing is all done at the same time, such a time saver…


As you remember from previous posts I have been very stressed that the vest would turn out too small. Here it is all done before blocking, looking quite tiny…


I decided to wet block it as the instructions read and I think having it fully wet really helped me to block it out nice and stretched. I think blocking wires would help in future but I did my best…


When it was dry this morning I unpinned and voila it fit perfectly, yeah!…



I was so relieved that it held its stretched out shape and looked even better than before blocking actually. The bottom ridges look a lot more like the picture in the pattern when they are blocked out too. It has a lovely drape now and is really soft from the soak I used when I wet it. I can’t wait for Julie to see it and to wear it on April 27 at the Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto.

Mom’s Blocks

I have to apologise because I’ve had these pictures for a few days now and haven’t posted them. I’ve been sewing up a storm on some placemats that I’ll show very soon. I have an opportunity to maybe do my first craft fair in this posh town of mine. I hope the Yummy Mummy’s will like my baby quilts and want them for their very own! More on that later. Now I need to share mom’s March and February BOM squares…



Aren’t they gorgeous! I can’t decide which I like the most. The February blue and green fabric choice is perfectly complimenting but I really do love the wackiness of the March orange one. I know she’s always critical of her work but she’s amazing and I think they are perfect…almost as good as mine, ha!

Sweet March Block

I’ve been sewing up a storm here. I’ve been working on a little picture tutorial for the baby 9-patch quilt that I like to make and I’m almost done the pictures to write about that. In the mean time I quickly completed the March Sugar Block Club block. It’s called Forget Me Not. Here is a picture of the pattern from the club email…

Amy Gibson is doing all of her blocks in solids.

I really like how this one turned out and I finally got to use one of the darker fabrics in the range…




I’m quite chuffed with how all three have turned out so far and I love how they go together…


This was a super quick and fun block so I decided to use the pattern for block 8 of my retro Christmas quilt too…

The wee skater in the centre is too adorable!

I tried to take a picture of all the Christmas blocks that I have done so far. It was hard to fit it all in but here you go…

Most of these blocks were done with mom at a quilt and knitting shop in Streetsville, ON called Ruti’s Needlebed. Having some instruction in more traditional and complicated quilt blocks was helpful. It was interesting to learn some different techniques. I feel much more confident now that I can figure many things out on my own. It is also much easier to watch the Craftsy.com videos that go along with the Sugar Block Club because I have more quilting basics under my belt. (That being said the learning videos on Craftsy are well done and easy to follow even for a true beginner.)

Oops Sorry February Block

I’ve been working on my Sugar Block Club block for March and suddenly realised that I haven’t shown off my February block, tragic!

If you remember I showed the pattern…


This pattern uses paper piecing which required a lot of extra preparation but I think it was worth it in the end. First you need to sew all of the fabric in order…




(Oooo the little middle tips almost match up perfectly!)

After the centre square was done I laid out the other pieces to make sure I matched up the different materials correctly. I went with a scrappy choice for the blues instead of one fabric. It was a lot of sewing to put the bits together…



After carefully ripping all of the paper off the block was pretty as can be, I think…