Baby Blanket Cuteness

I just had to do a little post about this adorable little boy…my friend Betsy’s little guy…

Renley...too cute eh!

Renley…too cute eh!

He’s lounging on a blankie I quilted for him. Love the colour combo. He does too!…

IMG_7561 IMG_7564 IMG_7563 IMG_7562

I love the fussy cutting of the animals on the front and the camping/vacation motif on the back. I hope he loves it for years to come!

Wedding Quilt 

Time’s a tickin’… John and I have a dear friend getting married in Eastbourne, UK by the sea on July 4th and I need to finish the quilt I started months ago for their present…

Wanted to do this one for awhile now!

I decided on this lovely Jeni Baker pattern, found here. I’m doing the Twin size as I think it’s nicer to cuddle under than a throw size. It’s and extra row longer and one triangle wider which I think will make it that much bigger. (20 triangles by 13 rows.) It’s going well and I’m currently half done…


Pretty Little Mix Eh!

I’m using Anna Maria Hormer fabric from her Field Study Line. I don’t normally press seams open but felt that they will be less bulky when sewing the rows together. It’s a little bit slower but looks nice…


I still have lots of triangles to piece. I’m setting them out row by row as I go. I have lots left…


Wish me happy sewing…


Yes that’s a VCR under the new sewing tv. Lol!!! I have a lot of videos still and I’m not ready to get rid of them yet. I like to watch movies I’ve already seen while sewing because then I don’t really need to pay close attention. 

Settling in…

Well, John and I have moved into our new house in Kitchener and we’ve been enjoying settling in, that’s for sure! I’m very lucky to have my dream kitchen for cooking and baking and a lovely new sewing space! Let the fun begin! Of course it feels very grown up to own a home. It’s fun to have a space to make our own though and it’s coming along nicely…


We back onto a woods so I think I will have a lot of inspiration while sewing and cooking in years to come…

IMG_5911 IMG_6407

Yes, that’s Lady Fia. Her brother and her have enjoyed lots of time with us already…IMG_6387 IMG_6535 IMG_6556

The cookbooks are unpacked too and we’ve been enjoying the open concept layout to cook up some tasty treats…

IMG_6352 IMG_6353

Our house is a bungalow with a walkout, finished basement which has a perfectly gorgeous sewing space. There was no question I’d set up in front of the fireplace and overlooking the woods…IMG_6635 IMG_6636 IMG_6638

I’m fairly set up now and am looking forward to sewing something over the weekend! Of course I have a sweater I need to be knitting for the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic in a couple of weeks. Check out the show here. I’ll be there working with the Needle Emporium.

Funky Dora

Wow, who else has been sick this winter! This last cold I had lasted over a week. I really couldn’t do much of anything, even missed 4 days of work. Anyways…

I’ve wanted to share the little quilt I whipped up for Lady Fia’s birthday. I’m not one for officially licensed character material but she loves Dora and I actually found a print that wasn’t offensive! There was a cute panel that I used for the back and then jazzed up the front with some nicer modern kids material. I think it turned out smashingly. She seem to absolutely love it and declared she was going to sleep with it that night. You can’t get much of a better response than that from a child…








Happy March Break

I hope that the start of March Break means the start of some warmer weather! I’m looking forward to a week off too, that’s for sure. Mom and I have been taking advantage of the time to do some shopping. (John has abandoned me for the week to work in the UK.) Of course we went to Guelph to have a bite to eat at With the Grain and to check out the material at Greenwood.

I finally broke down and got some of the Charlie Harper fabric





I also picked up a remnant of this Dear Stella design…

You know I love my bikes right!

This fun word fabric will do nicely for a special super hero project I have planned for two lovely little boys…


I also had to complete my Everyday Eden collection for Alexander Henry…


It’s just too lovely!

I also got a special treat from mom, an Aneela Hoey charm pack of Hello Petal…


Can’t wait to get sewing once we set all of our stuff up in the new house.

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas as they say here in the UK. I’ve been busy having a lovely time with my parents. We’ve been all over and are looking forward to a nice quiet day tomorrow cooking for Christmas Day.

I promised a Christmas quilt reveal! This is the retro Christmas sampler that I started about 2 years ago. I was worried it was starting to look a bit country but I think I saved it with the white mirror ball Michael Miller fabric sashing, the red and white stripe binding and the Christmas Lady on the back that reminds me of Betty Draper from Mad Men! It’s a good lap size and if I hadn’t wanted to get it done so badly I maybe would have added another 3 squares to make it a bit longer…








Merry Christmas everyone. Have a wonderful day with family and friends.

Sugar Block Club Catch Up

Well, it’s that time of year to get a bad head cold!!!! I’ve been out of commission for about 2 weeks now and have a lot of sewing to catch up on. I’m almost done my retro Christmas quilt which I’ll show soon but first I’ve been working very hard to get my Sugar Block Club squares done. I’ve done 4 squares in the last 3 days because I hadn’t done one since July. If you remember, I’m mostly using Amy Butler’s Alchemy line to make a sampler quilt from Amy Gibson’s 2013 Sugar Block Club found here. On her website now you can sign up for her 2014 club too.

These blocks were fun to make as always and I can’t wait to finish December and decide how to put them altogether.


20131214-095116 am.jpg

20131214-095129 am.jpg

20131214-095146 am.jpg

20131214-095203 am.jpg


20131214-095256 am.jpg

20131214-095310 am.jpg
This one was the easiest and quickest by far. The others have lots of little pieces!


20131214-095409 am.jpg

20131214-095438 am.jpg

20131214-095510 am.jpg


20131214-095548 am.jpg

20131214-095613 am.jpg

20131214-095626 am.jpg

20131214-095643 am.jpg

All the pieces are cut and paper is ready for later today. I’m determined to finish all the blocks by the end of the year!

Forgotten Crafty Find

Ever find a piece if crafty work hidden away in a box and think “oh ya I forgot about that and it’s almost done. I should really finish that up!”

Yes well, I stumbled across my first ever attempt at English paper piecing hexagons. I was using some lovely left over fabric from Kallisti Quilts, an online store in Waterloo, that I had used to make 2 quilts for friends. I thought I could make it into a throw pillow and obviously never did!

Until now…

20131130-090241 am.jpg
The last of my old couch pillows are covered!

More…notice the old shirt back routine again, I love it…

20131130-090352 am.jpg

20131130-090406 am.jpg

Harpenden Circle Gift and Craft Fair

It’s almost time…the Harpenden Circle Gift and Craft Fair 2013 is drawing near. This coming Friday and Saturday at the Harpenden Public Halls from 9:30-4:30 you can come and see my first sales event!…


It’s highly nerve wracking to have your beloved creations on display for people to judge. I hope to get some positive feedback and to perhaps sell a few items. I would love to think that one of my quilts was going to a child who could keep it as their special blanket for years to come. I also hope that people will be inspired to make a custom order. We’ll see what happens!

John has been very helpful getting signs ready and providing stall display ideas. I’ll take pics, don’t worry. I also made this hexagon gogolittlered bunting and apron to wear…




As I’m also helping with the fair’s set up it will be a busy next couple of days. If you are in the the area there will also be a café and amazing Tombola prizes. We hope to make heaps of money for Parkinson’s UK and Herts Young Homelessness. Wish us/me luck!

Pillow Talk

I finally sweet talked myself into making another pillow cover to hide the old ugly burgundy one that didn’t get a cover in the last round of pillow hexi mania. I wanted to use my left over Liberty hexagons for the project as well as an old dress shirt for the back. If you cut the front of a shirt up you can use it for the back of a pillow and the buttons allow easy access. Take a peek…






I didn’t have a plan for the front but it worked out well enough I think. I just like looking at the pretty little pieces…





I have one more old pillow to cover but it will have to wait because I need to get ready for the Harpenden Ladies Charity Gift Fair in two weeks time.