Much More Veg October

I knew I would like the new River Cottage cookbook. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall delivers again on easy recipes that showcase the simple veg! Love. With the rush of Thanksgiving and craziness of school back in full swing, I didn’t make as many recipes as I would have liked but such is life! I’ll look forward to revisiting this book in the new year. I think I like the first Veg book better if you are only going to buy one but I appreciate the layout of the new book. I love the section dedicated to roasted veg. Really, roast any veg and it makes it a million times more flavourful! Preserved lemons are highlighted in many of the recipes. If you haven’t used these babies before then get on it, adds an incredible layer of flavour to almost any dish!

First up was the “Roast Fennel, New Potato and Tomato Stew” p.16 with a side of “Moroccan Carrot Blitz” p.284…


This does not do it justice! It took a lot longer to roast than the recipe said but it was well worth the wait! The olives added a saltiness that was key.


Moroccan Carrot Blitz prep


Moroccan Carrot Blitz read to go. Fresh and vibrant!

We tried a few roast dishes. Next was the “Roast Squash and Chickpeas with Spicy Apricot Sauce” p.92. Again, another moorish dish that I couldn’t stop eating…


Roasted Squash and Chickpeas with Spicy Apricot Sauce, hello!

The “Roast Swede Vegeree” p.91 was a favourite of John’s. He grew up a typical English boy eating boiled Swede (Rutabaga, for us Canadians) and was scared to death of this recipe but he ended up liking it better than me. The Swede was just a bit strong for me and when I make it again I’ll go for one of the suggested “swaps” at the end of each recipe, the sweet potato would be a good one!


Swede Vegeree prep


Finished Swede Vegeree

The last big meal dish I tried was the “Tomato Dhal” P.102. This will definitely be a quick go-to recipe for me now as it uses a lot of common store cupboard ingredients. “The Onion Tarka” p.102 on top is a must as well…


Tomato Dahl prep


Tomato Dahl plated

I finished the month off with two dip recipes for a Halloween veg platter. The “Pea Hummus” p.304 and the “Nutty, Seedy, Herby Hummus” p.306. Both were lovely but I thought the nut humous was totally addictive and unique…


Pea Hummus


Nut, Seed Hummus



Party time!

I can’t believe there are only 2 more months left of 2017. I know which book I want to pick for December but I was torn between a few for November…


I decided with Christmas coming my waistline should avoid the Violet Cafe BAKING book!

Then I remembered a book I picked up at HomeSense recently (FYI, great place to find a random popular/new cookbook at an awesome price)…


I saw this book in the UK last year and thought it looked scrumptious. I love a restaurant with a bit of history. Mildred’s is still around today (I haven’t been, yet) but was founded in 1988 in the West End. Back when veg restaurants were super hippie serving largely unidentifiable food, they aimed to “open a restaurant serving good value, fresh, and colorful international vegetarian food.” p.7. Flicking through this book I want to try everything! There seems to be something to please everyone, stews, bakes, burgers, sammies, pastas and dips. Not sure what I’ll make first!