Moving Days?

I bet you think that because the moving company is packing us up to move to Canada that I’d have been frantically clearing out on the weekend, right? Well we were but of course there were some last minute sewing projects to finish! Moyna, my lovely apparel guru, came back on Friday and I finished up a custom corduroy skirt. Didn’t have enough material to do a waistband so did a facing with lining. Also, we experimented with a lapped zip which you normally wouldn’t do with this type of waist but it worked out fine…
20140113-022852 pm.jpg20140113-022906 pm.jpg20140113-022917 pm.jpg20140113-022932 pm.jpg20140113-022944 pm.jpg

Hand hemmed…
20140113-023009 pm.jpg

Fits great I think. Don’t mind the bottom shots but wanted you to see the full effect!…20140113-023142 pm.jpg20140113-023204 pm.jpg20140113-023219 pm.jpg20140113-023229 pm.jpg20140113-023239 pm.jpg20140113-023249 pm.jpg20140113-023257 pm.jpg

20140113-023355 pm.jpg

I also whipped up a special beach tote with oil cloth for Lady Fia and Lord Isaac for when then summer in the Channel Islands…

20140113-023518 pm.jpg

20140113-023526 pm.jpg

20140113-023627 pm.jpg

Oil cloth is a bit sticky to sew with, to say the least, so I took some internet advice and used masking tape on the foot. It helped a lot I think. I also tried putting tape directly on the area I wanted to sew and then pulled it off afterwards, that worked too…

20140113-023847 pm.jpg

20140113-023854 pm.jpg

Packing in full swing now and I’ve had to say goodbye to my extraordinarily lovely UK sewing room…

20140113-023949 pm.jpg

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