Knitting Again

First of all, if you are from Canada I know I’m whining but COME ON!…



Mom and I popped into see Julie at the store yesterday in Ancaster (The Needle Emporium). It was so nice to catch up and be inspired to knit again. I got some Madeline Tosh sock yarn (Fingering Weight) to make a cute slouchy hat by Jared Flood called The Altair Cap. It’s like a tam but fits like a slouchy hat. There is some pretty colour work at the top too that the picture doesn’t show…


I got it rolled right away when we got home. There is something so nice and satisfying about setting yarn up to wind…



So it’s all ready to go…I’m even going to do the tubular cast-on which I’ve never tried…


I think there is enough yarn to do two hats actually!


4 thoughts on “Knitting Again

  1. Sarah welcome back home! When you get settled in I would love to talk to you about potentially taking some beqinning quilting classes with you. Let me know,

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