Frolicking Fun

Well, another Knitter’s Frolic has come and gone! I was working with Julie at the Needle Emporium booth and boy was it busy…well not before it opened…

20130427-085514 PM.jpg

20130427-085537 PM.jpg

Lynn and I were sporting our new Boardwalk vests. I think they were a hit…

20130427-085815 PM.jpg

My cute little Gnarled Oak was also on display. I love this one…

20130427-085923 PM.jpg

The Madeline Tosh was flying off the shelves; it sure is tasty! You have to knit with it at some point.

It was also very nice to meet a few blog readers in person! Thank you for saying hi.

I’m so very tired now and my legs are super achy. Time for a quick dinner and off to bed.

Mom Quilts

I promised some more quilts from mom. She’s really out done herself! I came home to a couple lovely examples of her skill an pretty fabric choice…

20130423-071042 PM.jpg

20130423-071108 PM.jpg

20130423-071127 PM.jpg

20130423-071146 PM.jpg

There’s another I’d like to show but it’s a pressie so I can’t yet.

I have 3 more days of work until I’m done teaching in Canada for this school year. I’m looking forward to celebrating at the Knitter’s Frolic on Saturday. It’s put on by the Downtown Knit Collective at the Japanese Cultural Centre. I’ll be wearing the Boardwalk vest at the Needle Emporium booth. Hope you can come too!

I Knit Too

How do people work full time and still get their craft on? I’d like to know because I find it hard. After leaving school, going to yoga and then eating dinner there isn’t much time left in the evening. Imagine if there was getting kids to bed too, yikes! Moms are super human aren’t they?

Anyhow, I digress. I have been knitting my Bayside pullover diligently most evenings for a wee bit. The rounds are long so it feels as though it’s taking forever. However, contrary to my belief it must be growing because I tried it on this weekend and it only needs about 2 more inches in length…

20130416-100647 PM.jpg

20130416-100706 PM.jpg

20130416-100724 PM.jpg

20130416-100743 PM.jpg

I think it will be fab when it’s done. Like the Boardwalk vest though it will need some serious blocking to make it a bit roomier.

It’s like Christmas!

How much do you love getting packages in the post! It’s the best, especially when you know there is fabric all nestled inside that padded envelope. Oooo ahhhh…

20130410-061030 PM.jpg

I’ll unwrap it slowly for you…

20130410-061140 PM.jpg

And then that lovely moment when you fully unwrap…

20130410-061411 PM.jpg

Ta da, I finally broke down and got both Bernstein Bears lines in layer cakes. I have no idea what I’ll do with them yet but I’m thinking of adding it in with other modern fabric as to not make it too “Bernstein Beary” if that makes sense. Maybe an eye spy quilt?

It was like Christmas this week and not because of the silly cold weather but because my other Dan Stiles fabric from Birch fabrics arrived the next day. It was super on sale at Fabric Worm so I couldn’t resist. I think some of it will go nicely with his new Safari Soirée line…

20130410-062617 PM.jpg

20130410-062701 PM.jpg

20130410-062726 PM.jpg

20130410-062751 PM.jpg

I can’t wait to get creative!

April BOM Here it is!

Fortunately, I brought my fabric home for my Sugar Block Club April block. This month was another paper piecing block that I really enjoyed doing. The pattern looks bright like the sun that has been missing from our spring!…

20130408-020541 PM.jpg

I struggled with deciding on my fabric choice but I knew I wanted the sun in the white that I’m putting in every block. It came together dreamily…

20130408-021028 PM.jpg

20130408-021043 PM.jpg

20130408-021103 PM.jpg

20130408-021122 PM.jpg

20130408-021144 PM.jpg

I actually think this is my favourite block so far. There are so many fabric combinations you could do here. You could do all of the background scrappy or the points a different colour hmmmmmm the possibilities!

P.s. last minute addition to post…
Yeah mom, she finished her block too. Hot off the press…

20130408-052649 PM.jpg
Gorgeous as usual!


When I first get home craftiness can go out the window a bit because it’s nice to catch up with friends and do some shopping. (Although, I have been knitting rows on the Bayside Pullover some evenings.)

First of all, I had to share these slightly ugly crocs I got at the outlet for $9.99. Of course they are red…

20130407-091930 AM.jpg
I’m not a huge fan of crocs but these were too weird to resist. Shhhhh, I also got a pair of traditional crocs for cooking. I’ve always wanted a scooshy chef mat because my back gets sore when standing on the hard floor for too long. I thought a pair of $20.00 squidgy crocs would do the trick around the kitchen.

20130407-092345 AM.jpg

Now for visiting:

I was overjoyed yesterday to finally meet the new baby of 2 dear friends. He was perfect in every way. He even loved me holding him for a long while…

20130407-092809 AM.jpg
We also got to go for a nice cuddly walk…

20130407-092914 AM.jpg

Last week I also visited with another special friend and her two little ones that are growing like weeds. Children really do take fast growing pills! We went to the butterfly conservatory in Cambridge…

20130407-093133 AM.jpg

20130407-093156 AM.jpg

20130407-093216 AM.jpg

20130407-093234 AM.jpg

20130407-093256 AM.jpg
If you like to take nature photos this is a great place to go in the winter. There were tons of people there with professional looking cameras not just an iPhone like me!
Actually, if you live close by pop in and check out a very cool exhibit on right now from an artist that has taken different bugs and butterflies and displayed them with little action figure heads. It was very cool and funny because you didn’t really notice them at first. Here’s a link to that exhibit by Amy Swartz, click here.

Fabric Addiction 2

Confession part 2:

A lot of other fabric has been purchased. I don’t usually feel guilty about collecting yarn and fabric at all because I figure it’s a whole lot cheaper than some other habits out there but this time I don’t know! I love having a large stash to play with as well.

I have stocked up on some basic Kona colours that are cheaper here than in the UK and easier to find; I got white, snow and a couple shades of grey (you can’t even type those words anymore without there being a reminder of the books, lol)!

I also got this gorgeous space fabric from Camelot Cottons. I just saw that the little men are glow in the dark. The colours are lovely which make it a less naff (British word for tacky) novelty boys fabric. I find fabric designed for boys can walk a fine line of looking cheap but I think this will be sweet when mixed in with other geometric prints…

20130404-102940 AM.jpg

I also got Safari Soirée by Dan Stiles for Birch Fabrics. It’s too cute and I love the colours. I want more Birch Fabrics in general because they are to die for soft. They say they are 100% organic. I’m not too fused about that but if that’s why they are soft then yippee organic!…

20130404-103145 AM.jpg

Off to help mom sandwich a quilt now. I think the next post needs to showcase her latest quilts. She’s done soooooo many since Christmas and continues to blame little ole me for getting her hooked!

Fabric Addiction

Now that I’m at home Mom and I have been out twice for fabric. It’s a problem really! Good thing I picked up extra supply days this week. When the kids are being really nasty all I will be thinking is “this day pays for this or that fabric”.

This is what I got today:

I broke down and got a bit of the Bernstein Bears fabric. I loved them when I was little…

20130402-030523 PM.jpg

I also decided to get the Piper line from Stella to do a quilt for John’s parents for Christmas. I’m just going to do simple squares I think. I’ve made them a few things but this is the year to be daughter in-law of the year!…

20130402-030806 PM.jpg

I also picked up the Washi dress pattern, who knows when I’ll make that, as well as these bobbin genie washers that I’ve been hearing great things about. You can leave them in under your bobbin and are supposed to help it from jumping all over and making bird’s nest. Especially used when free motion quilting but my machine seems to be prone to bobbin mess so I think I’ll leave it in all the time. My poor machine, I hope it’s ok at the sewing machine doctor!…

20130402-031256 PM.jpg