Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas as they say here in the UK. I’ve been busy having a lovely time with my parents. We’ve been all over and are looking forward to a nice quiet day tomorrow cooking for Christmas Day.

I promised a Christmas quilt reveal! This is the retro Christmas sampler that I started about 2 years ago. I was worried it was starting to look a bit country but I think I saved it with the white mirror ball Michael Miller fabric sashing, the red and white stripe binding and the Christmas Lady on the back that reminds me of Betty Draper from Mad Men! It’s a good lap size and if I hadn’t wanted to get it done so badly I maybe would have added another 3 squares to make it a bit longer…








Merry Christmas everyone. Have a wonderful day with family and friends.

Sugar Block Club Catch Up

Well, it’s that time of year to get a bad head cold!!!! I’ve been out of commission for about 2 weeks now and have a lot of sewing to catch up on. I’m almost done my retro Christmas quilt which I’ll show soon but first I’ve been working very hard to get my Sugar Block Club squares done. I’ve done 4 squares in the last 3 days because I hadn’t done one since July. If you remember, I’m mostly using Amy Butler’s Alchemy line to make a sampler quilt from Amy Gibson’s 2013 Sugar Block Club found here. On her website now you can sign up for her 2014 club too.

These blocks were fun to make as always and I can’t wait to finish December and decide how to put them altogether.


20131214-095116 am.jpg

20131214-095129 am.jpg

20131214-095146 am.jpg

20131214-095203 am.jpg


20131214-095256 am.jpg

20131214-095310 am.jpg
This one was the easiest and quickest by far. The others have lots of little pieces!


20131214-095409 am.jpg

20131214-095438 am.jpg

20131214-095510 am.jpg


20131214-095548 am.jpg

20131214-095613 am.jpg

20131214-095626 am.jpg

20131214-095643 am.jpg

All the pieces are cut and paper is ready for later today. I’m determined to finish all the blocks by the end of the year!

Advent Calendar

Happy December 1st everyone. For many today means starting your chocolate advent calendar for the countdown to Christmas. Yes, I still have a chocolate advent calendar!

This year John surprised me with a fancy Prestat one. (When I say surprise I mean I mentioned many times the one I wanted and he lovingly remembered and ordered it online for me.) (When I say remember I mean I wasn’t going to let him forget the most beautiful advent calendar I have ever seen while visiting the Harrods food hall last Christmas.)

Prestat chocolates are divine they are “By Appointment to her Majesty the Queen Purveyors of Chocolate”, they are also the chocolates that Roald Dahl preferred…

20131201-110913 am.jpg

20131201-110927 am.jpg

Today’s chocolate was Orange ad Frankincense. The description on the back of the box was just as yummy sounding a the real thing. “Sweet orange oil combined with aromatic frankincense infusing butter, cream and chocolate filling a velvety smooth milk chocolate truffle shell”.

I kind of feel bad because whilst John’s knitted Cadburys calendar does look cute the chocolates look sad in comparison. Take a look…

20131201-111325 am.jpg

20131201-111339 am.jpg

20131201-111348 am.jpg

Maybe I’ll share one with John as a thank you…maybe.