Ball Down

Almost one ball down on the Knitter’s Fair Boardwalk Vest…


I’ve had a little bit of time to knit in last few days. The Tosh Light is a nice yarn to knit with and I like how the colour is coming out. It’s a nice bluey grey…


It’s grown about 2 inches…


Deja Vu

I worked today, actually I’m at a new school teaching year 5/6 on Thursdays and Fridays. I was happy to do this because it will still give me the flexibility to travel and sew. I can pick up other supply days as I want them. The only downside is I only have time for a bit of knitting tonight after I get my hair done!

I did finish another baby quilt yesterday though…

20130124-060012 PM.jpg

20130124-060107 PM.jpg

20130124-060133 PM.jpg

20130124-060155 PM.jpg

I know what you are thinking; the front and back are remarkably similar! Well I did say that I had 4 baby quilts done in Aneela Hoey fabric. I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time. I think I’ve just had this fabric for awhile and just kept cutting squares. This one has full 9 patch blocks though and of course it’s still one of a kind because none of the fabrics are in exactly the same spots.

2 more to go!

Gogo Little Baby Quilt

I’ve been super motivated to get some quilting done since I’ve been back in the UK. Before Christmas I had finished four little baby quilts out of Aneela Hoey fabric. I had the tops and backs done and I just needed to sandwich them to finish the quilting. I finished the first one on Monday. It is inspired by a baby 9 patch quilt that I learned from Johanna Masko, quilt teacher in Toronto. I adapted her technique for cutting 9 patches and just kept cutting smaller until I got a 25 patch. I love the little squares. I may have been a bit lazy but I decided to pair it with large solid blocks of fabric. I wanted the cute fabric to have a chance to shine through too! I also tried to use up the fabric by creating a scrappy back. Check it out…







I don’t know who it’s for yet but maybe I’ll have to start selling these creations soon!

It’s Growing

I’ve been trying to knit on my knitter’s fair project every night and it’s growing nicely. It’s done in the round so it is taking awhile to look like I’m making a dent and I’m not the slowest knitter! I’m past the waist shaping. I also did an extra inch and 1/2 before the shaping because I want to make it a bit longer. Now I just need to knit for 11 inches, not including the Welt bottom pattern…


The boredom of straight knitting has been ok because I’m enjoying using my new yarn bowl that I got from Julie for Christmas. It makes the knitting a more pleasant experience…




Thank you Julie!


We’ve been held up in the house for 3 days now! I laugh about the snow here but the tires on the cars are so horrible that I know now why everyone is freaked when it snows. This weather is not normal…

20130120-052112 PM.jpg

20130120-052152 PM.jpg

We ventured out to get groceries and it was beautiful but I was not impressed to say the least…

20130120-052300 PM.jpg

The Big Reveal

Time to reveal this year’s Knitting Fair sweater. For the past few years I’ve knit a new sweater for the Toronto Knitters Frolic at the Japanese Cultural Centre and the KW Knitter’s Fair in the fall. Last year Lynn and I did the same one…


This year Julie and I thought a Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed pattern would be fun to try. We narrowed it down to a couple and we chose this one from Wool People 3, by Heidi Kerrmaier…


I chose Tosh Merino Light in Rainwater…


I couldn’t wait to get started and wound yarn before I left for the UK…



I didn’t particularly enjoy knitting the ribby bottom but am happy it’s done in the round from now on and good thing I had 7 hours to knit on the plane!!! I got a lot done. Here’s the progression thus far…




I think the people sitting around me on the plane thought I was crazy because I was the only one on the plane with my light on knitting through 3 1/2 movies. You’d think I would have got more done but it’s 4 ply after all, give me a break! It needs to be done by April 27 though so I think I’ll be ok. I can’t wait to get to the neck shaping part, too bad it’s at the end up at the neck!

Feels good to be home despite the nasty cold weather and snow here, ugh.

Cowl Me Cozy

The Christmas holidays seem to be great for getting things done! (In my case an extended trip home which sadly ends today.) Mom and I have been doing this cowl for awhile now…


from Cowlgirls…


We knit it in Misty Alpaca which is soooooooo soft and yummy. Available of course at The Needle Emporium. This was our first creation (we actually did the same colour without knowing), love the light mix of colours…

20130114-101729 AM.jpg

Then mom did this one for herself but she wouldn’t model so here I am with it up…

20130114-102238 AM.jpg
And down…

20130114-102312 AM.jpg

These were both done in Misty Alpaca Handpainted. Lastly, I just whipped one up for Lady Fia’s mummy in regular Misty Alpaca and it turned out pretty too…

20130114-102459 AM.jpg

Gotta love the cowl, especially the hug the neck kind. Happy cowl knitting!