Lucky Girl

Some may say I’m spoiled but I say I just have the most thoughtful and wonderful mom ever! You be the judge once you see the present she finished and just dropped off at the door…




I feel so lucky and loved! Thanks mom.

It’s done in my new colour obsession light turquoise blue. It’s Zara Plus super wash so will be easy to wash. The pattern is called Girasole, adapted from a doily pattern, I believe, by Jared Flood. You can find it on Ravelry here.

Oh She Glows Eating

Since we moved into our temporary home I have been getting back into cooking. Partly because I love to cook and partly because the ready meals in Canada are pretty horrible! The UK has us beat there for sure, oh Waitrose and M&S I miss thee.

I have way too many cookbooks…

Yikes, that’s only a selection. They aren’t all unpacked yet! John thinks I’m funny because I love to sit and watch tv whilst looking at cookbooks. I’m always reading them for fun. Some I haven’t even cooked out of yet, I just love looking at the pictures.

My newest addition (until today because, confession, I bought “the Blender Girl” today at Costco, yes I have a problem) that I have been cooking lots from is the Oh She Glows cookbook…

The cover in Canada is on the left. Angela Liddon has a popular food blog that you can find here. I’ve been in overdrive making recipes from this book lately. First, they are delicious and second because she is doing a contest right now to win a Vitamix for posting pictures of her recipes that you have made. It’s been fun to see what everyone is making. You can check out pictures on Instagram at #osgcookbook. Below are a selection of things I’ve made so far…

Yoga Rat Smoothy

Cashew Sour Cream, yum!

Raw Pumpkin Pie with Coconut Whipped Cream

Lentil loaf, cauli mash and mushroom gravy

Zucchini pasta and tomato basil sauce

Overnight Oats

Chocolate chip peanut butter cookies

Buckwheat groat porridge

Cookie dough bites

Portobello fajitas, double yum!

I’ll let you know if I win the Vitamix!

Back to Sewing

Yesterday John and I drove to Guelph to Greenwood Quiltery to get a few bits of fabric. Of course we then had to have lunch at With the Grain. Our detour stop was to go to the Triangle Sewing Centre down the road because I need to get my sewing machine serviced. They are also having a sewing machine sale so I had to check out a new Janome…

I test drove the Janome Horizon 8200. It was pretty smooth and boasts many more features than my little Janome mechanical machine. I loved the extra room in the arm for larger projects. Dreams, dreams, dreams…I did get a brochure to put by John’s side of the bed though!

When we got home I settled into some sewing in my new sewing room upstairs. Not quite as glamorous as my room in the UK but it does have a nice view of the lake from the golf course behind. I’m glad to be finally set back up…