Happy Halloween

Live long and prosper this Halloween…

20121031-104036 PM.jpg

A Vulcan is pretty much my go-to costume ever since my dad got these ears for me in Vulcan, Alberta! I wore them to a Halloween party a couple of weeks ago.

The UK isn’t known for its trick or treating habits but it has grown in popularity over the years and I should have had some candy on hand. I was mortified when 4 lovely ghouls came to the door and I had to apologise profusely for forgetting to get candy. They looked so down hearted but said it was ok. I’m glad they were young and had parents near by or I’d have been worried they would have egged our door later! I felt so guilty afterwards. Shame on me!

Storm watch

We are keeping our eye on the wrath of Hurricane Sandy as my Grandparents make their way to the UK for a short visit today. Hopefully all will be well and they arrive at 8:30 tonight. I have lots of fun stuff planned!

I don’t know how much time I will have to cook while they are here so I used up some red peppers the other night in another River Cottage recipe…

20121030-081744 AM.jpg
They got a little overdone but peppers are supposed to be a bit charred right!

20121030-081846 AM.jpg

20121030-081859 AM.jpg
They were very tasty anyways. I’ve never stuffed a pepper with potato before. It was simply potato, pesto and feta. Way too simple but then again some of the nicest recipes are the most simple ingredients!

I better be off doing some extra cleaning for our guests!

Neat Food

Yeah! It is the half term break here in the UK next week. A whole week off school!!! We had a friend over last night and we did some cooking to celebrate. Of course I made a River Cottage Veg recipe. I tried these Honey Roasted tomatoes…

20121027-075024 AM.jpg

20121027-075059 AM.jpg
and a chickpea and squash curry dish. I just had to show the tomatoes though because they just look so cute and snuggly in their little dish. They came out so nice and juicy yet chewy. They were perfect with the only nice bread I could find in town, a rustic sourdough. I’m finding it a challenge to find an nice bakery here and the bread in the super markets isn’t the best.

I also got this Romanesco from my Riverford box this week and almost don’t want to eat it because it looks so luxurious. The crowned points are perfection. I’ve never actually cooked one myself but am looking forward to finding a recipe today. They are nuttier than Cauliflower apparently and hold their texture and structure when cooked…

20121027-075632 AM.jpg

At the risk of being really hippie like, aren’t we blessed with nature’s lovely gifts!!!

After dinner we tucked into a homemade Dutch Apple Pie. I had the dough frozen from earlier and John actually helped me to whip up the innards because I had my hands full with all the other new recipes. Grammie would be proud of our efforts. The first slice came out beautifully and the pie held its structure, ah pie perfection…

20121027-080321 AM.jpg

20121027-080335 AM.jpg

Cuter than cute!

Lady Fia and Lord Isaac got their Halloween package in the mail and I was sent a picture of his first Aunty “Sawah” sweater. Remember the cardi with the cute Union flag buttons. Well, looks cuter on!…

20121023-062930 PM.jpg
I think his sister likes it better than him! He is growing into a fine man. Babies are cute when they sleep eh!…

20121023-063056 PM.jpg

Quilts and Lunch

I got a surprise in the mail…well not really a surprise when you order them but hey! Two quilt books that I’ve been looking and reading about for awhile and a cookbook that I’ve been waiting for to come out…




There are definitely some good looking things in each. Not sure what I’ll make from the quilt books yet. I’m not sure why but I’m slightly disappointed by the recipes in the cookbook. I want to have some books that are by cooks famous in the UK so I was excited to see this new book by Anjum. My initial dislike is completely irrational and mostly stems from the fact that I have a weird problem with cookbooks that try and give it all by adding breakfast recipes. Bizarre I know but it just puts me off. I’m not unfair though and will wait to make my final decision! There are some interesting looking meals.

John tried his hand at baking this morning. Wait for it…he tried the family biscuit/scone recipe with currents. Actually, it’s the Edna Staebler recipe from “Food that Really Schmecks” but we call it our own now! He done good…


For lunch today back to River Cottage though…






I’m really into roasted squash right now so this mushroom, blue cheese, squash and arugula salad was just what the doctor ordered. I think it might also be good with some toasted walnuts. There are leftovers for tomorrow so I think I’ll try that…hmmmm…

Curry and Stripes

Most of the recipes I’ve been making recently have been from the new River Cottage Veg cookbook…


The pictures are inspiring and the recipes delicious! This week I’ve tried 3 new recipes which were simple and lovely. The spiced potatoes and spinach were delightful. I added some plain Greek yogurt to the side which was an excellent compliment…




Last night we had the marinated courgettes (zucchini) with mozzarella…


and the Leeks with Coconut Milk…


Both were yummy and I always feel super healthy munching on different veggies.

Lord Isaac’s wee cardi is also flying along. Back done…


and the left front is started…


We’ll see how much I can get done this weekend! One more week until the half-term break. I’m looking forward to the break but mostly I’m looking forward to the exciting news that my Grandparents are coming to visit!!! I’m already planning some surprises!!!

Late Weekend Up!

It was a big weekend so blogging about it seemed a bit daunting! That’s why it’s Wednesday night and John keeps asking when he can read an update of the weekend we had together, like he’s already forgotten or something!

First, it’s autumn so what better way than to mix up the hair…



Hilarious, I had half my class believing that I was “Ms. Quart’s twin from Canada. They are only 8!

We were headed towards Canterbury when I read that the UK’s largest knitting and quilting show was on at Alexander Palace or as the locals say “Ally Pally”. It’s not really a palace but a place to hold events, built in Victorian times…


Good old John is always game but even I worried when I saw the size of this show!…good thing I was sporting a knitted cowl…


Upon entering was a cute display of unfinished projects…we all have them right…


The building itself was a bit run down but had the most beautiful view of the entire London skyline. You had to remember to look up in the building itself because it was gorgeous…



The show itself was a bit of a mixed bag. It had some interesting booths and then others that were simply horrid. If you’ve ever been to Toronto’s Creative Sewing Festival you will know what I mean. What I did like though was that there were many displays. I thought some of the modern quilt ones were cool as well as the needle point…



Rowan was there with a very large booth. They had the garments there that mom and I saw at their office when she was here…




Some of the other booths I thought were nice…




I didn’t really buy anything but I did get some very cute hand drawn fabric from a French couple. It looked drawn by a child with cute quotes in French…


I believe we also saw Nicky Epstein at a table with examples from her new book “Knitting in Circles”…


After the show we went into the neighbouring town to look around and we found a Children’s book shop. I was soooooo excited. Mom would have loved it…



At home I whipped up a lovely roasted squash, fennel and walnut salad. Soooooooo simple but flavourful. It’s a “keeper” as dad would say…





Another great weekend but all the more pleasant because it was so unexpected!

Lucky Boy

My arms are feeling the knitting ache! I have mailed Lord Isaac’s blue cardi and have started on his stripped Christmas number. I only had enough for the 9-12 mth size so I thought I better get on the move!

I’ve chosen a Debbie Bliss pattern using Baby Cashmerino yarn…


I’ve chosen similar colours but a little less baby blue. I’m half done the back…



The plan is to get it done for Christmas! Keep ya posted.

British English

Arrrrgghhh foiled again! Funny story…I know that Brits think pancakes are crepes, ouch John just hit me in the arm, I mean Brits call pancakes what we would call crepes!
I got my new Riverford box and recipes and thought I’d make the squash pancakes recipe with the butternut squash in the box. I thought they were going to be pancakes with squash mashed in the mixture. I thought “cool, easy dinner”. But no it was actually “pancakes” aka crepes. Duh! I had my Canadian hat on. Soooo this means it took ages as I had to make crepes from scratch and roast the squash and make the cream and goat cheese sauce and fry the rosemary! So basically I’m exhausted now but John got a great dinner!…

20121011-063405 PM.jpg

20121011-063444 PM.jpg

This weeks delivery was cool because I got a cute little binder for my Riverford recipes. Gotta love a cute binder!

20121011-063821 PM.jpg

20121011-063835 PM.jpg

Finished Alien Boy

Soooooo, I have still been knitting. Something about the weather makes you want to get back at it. Fall has arrived, wait fall never left the UK!!!

I hear Lady Fia’s baby brudder Lord Issac is growing like a weed so I hope hope hope that he will fit into it for a few weeks at least…

20121009-112817 AM.jpg

20121009-112852 AM.jpg

20121009-112916 AM.jpg

How cute are the Union flag buttons and the shawl collar. He just needs a little baby pipe now!!!