Out and About!

Looking forward to internet Wednesday afternoon so at Pizza Express for lunch today for veggie pizza and internet on the side.  We had quite a busy weekend.  We made our way about 40 min north/west to Milton Keynes where there are a lot of big box stores.  We needed an IKEA because we’ve been living without lamps, which limits the knitting significantly.  Sunday morning before we went I was finally able to make John a proper Cream Tea with high fat Clotted Cream that you can’t really get in Canada.  We really enjoyed it!

According to the Rodda's packet you are to put the cream on after the jam as to not hide it like those in Devon do, I wonder if there is a proper way? (I spot Grammie's scone recipe with currants, mmmm.)

I did get a bit of knitting started on Gnarled Oak but must do more today.  I’ve been out trying to sort out getting our bikes set up.  I also want to get an about town bike with a basket and all.

Almost done the rib which I hate. The Stocking Stitch will whip up I'm sure.

I finished the Trafalgar Square puzzle too.  I’ll have to start another one because I have a lot of waiting around to do this week.  Wednesday is Virgin Media for the internet between 1 and 6 and then on Thursday we are getting a Condenser Dryer delivered between 10 and 2!  I did laundry for the first time last week and the house was covered in clothes so we put my friend Jen’s Argos gift vouchers towards a “tumble dryer” as they say…as opposed to a dryer that doesn’t tumble?  Very much looking forward to that, so definitely can’t do any laundry until it arrives!

A cute 500 piece. It was fun to look at all the people.

Oh and for those that know I like to get my way in stores in regards to returns…I got in an argument with IKEA because they wouldn’t exchange our new, broken red kitchen clock without a bill, even though we tried to say it was a gift…(it was from Canada so I guess it was a long shot anyways but they didn’t know that!!!)

There is stuff everywhere!


We are slowly getting sorted but I find I work for a few hours and it doesn’t look like I’ve made a dent.  I think I’m using John’s trick of just moving one lot of stuff to a different spot but not really putting it away.  My mom is the organizer pro and I have learned some skills from her but it would still be nice to have her help!  I’m at Cafe Nero again because Virgin Media can’t come until next Wednesday to install the super fast internet, that just means more Chai Latte’s for me.

I think I will paint the chairs purple. It will be nice to walk out to the balcony from this room. The table is now cleared but I think all of the things are on my cutting table in the other room.

I’m glad the second couch fits nicely. You can kind of see our new T.V. too, a 40″ (about triple the size of our old one lol)!

I will have a cutting table in the middle and sewing by the window, dreamy!

During unpacking breaks I’m still knitting.  Little Fia’s new cardi is done but the sewing together.  I’m blocking the ruffle as I type because as you can see it is too curly.  I suspected this would happen but I’m optimistic that it will turn out ok.  I do like Sirdar patterns for little ones and this is a cute one.

The colour will look gorgeous on her if I every get to sewing it up, the worst part.

I didn’t get very far on my Bayside Pullover that I started before our flight but it will have to be put on hold…

This Madeline Tosh Light is too dreamy to knit with.

…so that I can start the Gnarled Oak Cardi that Julie and Lynn are doing.  I think I was the one that put the pressure on to knit this one and because of the move I’m way behind.  John had to help me search for the pattern book amidst the sea of books on the floor! I can’ wait to wind the balls when I get home.

This is Madeline Tosh Dk in colourway Calligraphy. It's a lovely light pinkish- gray.

 Okay, I know I should be sorting out…

It is an appropriate theme though.


I found fabric too…

So, after drooling over this bakery…


I stumbled upon a little fabric shop with Liberty fabrics from London hanging outside. I wouldn’t buy Liberty in Copenhagen of course but it was a sure sign that the store had class…


To my delight they had this gorgeous top-notch jersey stripe material made in Denmark. They also had these adorable children’s patterns from Minikrea. I was worried about the Danish instructions as I’m not a pro seamstress yet so I went back to the hotel and looked up the company online and found that you could download the English instructions. Of course I rushed back over and purchased a few items…


Lady Fia may be the recipient of some of this fabric. There was also a picture on the wall in the store of a scarf they had made with this fabric. I have an idea for a cowl that I can’t wait to try once I’ve unpacked all of my sewing things. Of course that is top priority once we get back to Harpenden, forget putting all of the clothes and books away that are all over the floor!

Finally the Crafty Stores!

The last two days has been lovely in Copenhagen but I must admit I’m looking forward to going back to Harpenden tomorrow. Yesterday I tried to find a few of the yarn stores that I found online. I was surprised to find 3 stores in close proximity. The first 2 were small and nice but nothing like the Needle Emporium! I’ve been to many yarn stores around the world and I still maintain that the Needle Emporium in Ancaster has the best selection. The third store I went into was Sommerfuglen. It was larger and had some beautiful samples. They had a lot of Rowan yarns but also many other Danish designers. I almost cried when it sunk in that all the patterns were in Danish of course! Although, I did get lucky and find a few English patterns. I was also able to write down the names of some of the designers to check out on Ravelry or online.

This is Sommerfuglen. They also sold some fabric and needlepoint. I also picked up some cute buttons for Lady Fia’s new sweaters.

This another store I passed. It was nice to see the baskets of yarn on the cobbled streets.

I got two books by Amimono. There is a cute sweater I’d like to do for Lady Fia. Check out the cute buttons too!

I broke down and bought the yarn for this lovely tunic.  I can’t believe I strayed from the Needle Emporium for my yarn but I hope Julie will understand that I was in Copenhagen after all!

Copenhagen: Cold but Cool!

O.k. so who moves to a new house in a new country and then the next day packs a suitcase for a 4 day getaway.  Well, I couldn’t exactly turn John down when he asked if I wanted to go to Copenhagen for the weekend.  He is doing a course tomorrow and Tuesday so I will have a good time looking around on my own.  I plan to check out 4 different yarn shops that I read about online.  Today we met a colleague of John’s from work for brunch by one of the canals in the oldest part of town.  On Saturday we were up early and went to the Danish Design Centre.  They were having a special exhibition on Danish fashion over the past 10 years.  The bottom floor was the most interesting though because it displayed Danish innovative design, of course LEGO was there.  I learned that LEGO is short for two Danish words put together that mean “play well”.

Look Mom I got a Copenhagen material map.

I'm on the hunt for red things at the Danish Design Museum. Look Mom I got a Copenhagen material map. (I also have Toronto and London ones from which I would like to make pillows.)

Go Go Little Red…look I found my new car. I don’t know where John will sit?

We spent the day walking down these lovely side streets.


A huge Lego store. I almost got a red Lego alarm clock.


We found this amazing glassed in market. I think of mom when I look at all these fresh flowers.


Dad would love the food here. Yummy boards of mixed meats, cheese and olives, all served with a nice glass of red wine.


What could be better on a cold day. Hmmm I haven't seen that hat in too many pictures, very cute, if I do say so myself (Thanks John).

The Big Move In

Welll…it’s done!  Crown Relocation came yesterday and moved us in and unpacked EVERYTHING in one day.  It really is unbelievable what they can accomplish with only 3 guys.  They came to the house around 9:30 and left at 5 with a truck full of empty packing material.  We’ve definitely been spoiled and I don’t know how people move on their own.  After they were gone we spent a few hours organizing the kitchen and then went to a great restaurant in Harpenden called OKKA.  It is our new favourite (of course we’ve only tried 2 so far!)  It had a number of vegetarian options made with local produce, I was in heaven with the Bulgur Wheat Salad, delicious.  Mom is going to love this restaurant when she comes to visit (date still unknown.)  I think I got some great pictures of the move in, before and after.  Particularly, check out the one where they had to move the couch in over the balcony on the second floor, once again Little Britain! I will have pictures of the unpacked rooms next post!

Thank goodness it was Crown moving up and down these stairs!Apparently this is quite common for moving here!Look no screens. I can go to the balcony out the window if I want.

This is our masterbedroom.

Dining room before. Lovely, bright and airy room with gorgeous working fireplace.

Our new lounge room.

This isn't even all the boxes that went in this room!Not there yet!

Celebrity Sighting

Sooooo, no business class on flight because the chair was broken but got to meet Margaret Attwood! In the lounge I saw this lady typing on her Mac Airbook who looked a lot like Margaret Attwood but I wasn’t sure. Then we were down in the duty free picking up some last minute maple syrup for John’s mum and I saw her get in to line to buy something. As we were walking out John said I should ask her and sure enough it was. I asked her for a picture. She seemed a bit uncomfortable about it but nicely accepted and asked us where we were going. She was off to Mexico.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Love Day! As most people will know I love the colour red so it’s no wonder I love Valentine’s Day. Look at the lovely Valentine to John and I from Mom. Just dad drove us to the airport, it was a bit sad. A perk of John travelling so much is that we get to be in the business lounge. It really is more civilised! We are waiting to hear about upgrading to business class. we are first on the list I think with 6 spots up for grabs.



It has been a long 2 months of goodbyes but the time has come. We still have a tough goodbye with my parents tomorrow morning at the airport. I hope mom books her flight to visit soon. On the weekend I said goodbye to my Grandparents and good friend Liz and her kids. I’m also glad John got to see my teacher friend’s baby Claira this afternoon, she’s adorable!

Tonight we had a tough goodbye with our friends Andrew and Nicola. Lady Fia is going to miss her Aunty Sarah and Uncle John! I usually visit with her every week and I know I will go through withdrawal!


We had fun playing tonight but I think she looks annoyed I’m going.


I’m glad I got this little Noro sweater in Kogarashi, I think, done for her before we had to leave!

I should be packing…

I should be packing but I’m more excited about starting the Bayside Pullover from Coastal Knits by Alana Dakos and Hannah Fettig. Actually, I should be knitting the Gnarled Oak Cardie from the same book but it’s packed in a 20Ft container in London! I, of course, get my gorgeous yarn from the Needle Emporium. I promised Julie, owner and knitting mentor/guru, that I would have Gnarled Oak done to show, so I will have to get knitting as soon as I unpack. For the past couple of years Lynn (fellow knitter) and I have picked the same sweater to knit. Last year we did the Madelinetosh Tea Leaves Cardie.

I can’t remember the colour of Tosh Vintage I’m doing for Gnarled Oak but I just got Tosh Merino Light in Worn Denim for Bayside. Isn’t it gorgeous!