A Wee Baking Post

I’m knitting a new project but don’t want to share it quite yet. Also, I need to share the lace shawl mom is so excited to start for me but a quick baking blog instead.

First a huge shout out to mom who just finished the most gorgeous apron ever for me…



She really is the best. She found this amazing macaron fabric. Not only little pretty macarons but other yummy patisserie treats as well. I love the ruffle at the bottom. I think it was a MaCall’s pattern. Mom, want to weigh in on that in comments? If you are lucky she will post the pattern number. It’s simply the cutest. She shortened the neck a bit because I don’t like it too droopy in the front.

I baked my first item in the apron tonight too….

I whipped up banana date scones from my new Bunner’s cookbook. All gluten free and vegan. Whilst I don’t need to eat gluten free, I know a lot of people who do and I like to experiment and try new techniques. Bunner’s has a cafe in Toronto apparently but I haven’t been yet. This is their first cookbook I think. I saw it on a table at Indigo and just impulse bought…


Really rather tasty recipes I’d have to say! The sugar donuts are a favourite already and the Pumpkin Chocolate chip muffins. I often find a bizarre aftertaste with gluten free items but these seem to be ok. I recommend to check it out!

Mood: Homesick- Moody Crock Pot Apple Butter

Hi Everyone, an old friend of mine has started an amazing food blog. Wholesome, healthy and creative food! It’s funny too. Check it out. I love this latest autumn farm post. Can’t wait to make my own apple butter. Follow her!!


Lately, I’ve been feeling a little bit homesick and missing family and friends in Ontario.  Seeing pictures of my family visiting Chudleigh’s apple orchard brought me back to those awesome times as a little kid.  While those are happy memories and I had an absolute blast doing it…it made me a bit sad because I want the lion to experience the same fun and traditions I loved so much as a kid but heading back to Ontario to go apple picking just isn’t in the plans right now.  So what’s a gal to do with that pouty little homesick face????  Start a google search for apple farms in Vancouver with very low expectations because it will probably redirect me to everything in the okanagan…close enough right?

SNAP…something came up, Taves Apple Farm in Abbotsford, BC.  Ladies and Gentlemen…we are in business.  I check out their website and it pretty much…

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Needle Emporium

I had a fabulous day yesterday working at the Needle Emporium with mom. I hadn’t worked there in awhile and had forgotten how fun it can be to help people shop for yarn! The owner of the store, Julie, keeps a well stocked store with new things arriving everyday. It’s like a big treasure chest! If you can’t find something to knit with here you don’t really want to knit 🙂

I haven’t shown pics of the store for awhile now so take a look at the inspiration…






You need to look up and down and all around for lots of cute goodies…





Lots of great accessories too…


Mom tries to keep it all organized…


It’s fun to see what people are buying. Lots if Christmas knitting is happening right now and baby gifts. Cowls and wraps are popular too. I found a cowl I’d love to do. Even picked colours. This chateau yarn from Classic Elite is to die for soft…


I like the purple and green and mom liked the blues of course!

If you haven’t been to the store in awhile then time to go! I did break down and get one treat for a lacy project that mom is going to do for me. Stay tuned, it’s a beauty…

KW Knitter’s Fair Inspiration

Well, summer holidays over. I know this because I’m feeling crafty again and we had the KW Knitter’s Fair on Saturday. I apologise if you wanted to come; I should have posted about it before!

This is always an inspiration for me and I spent most of yesterday knitting.

First here are some shots from the Needle Emporium booth. I love helping out with Julie’s booth each year. Of course I’m totally biased when it comes to her store but it is the best 🙂 …






This year Julie featured the new yarn called Mrs. Crosby. It’s LOVELY and comes in all different weights in the same colour. Here were some of my favs…




How could you not spend time knitting after this show! I picked a cowl to try and finish up; it’s a pattern from Purl Diving that you can find here on Pattern Fish… (Yarn is Madeline Tosh Sock…)



Just 2 more repeats to go. I really need to finish some things up!