November Cookbook Challenge

Below could be the reason that I didn’t make as many recipes from the November book. I just wanted to get home and cuddle my new little friends. Welcome to Gigi and Gus, too bad you can’t eat any of the yummy food I make!


Gigi, grey calico and Gus peachy tabby!

I’m highly annoyed I didn’t try the yummy looking Macaroni & Cheese with sun-dried tomatoes & basil crumb topping p.135 but I could always try and squeeze it in over Christmas break!

First up was the Haloumi, Zucchini & Mint Fritters p. 64. I found them a little bit hard to hold together but they worked ok. They tasted great! I would recommend a dipping sauce of some sort. I think a nice Tzatziki would work perfectly…


The Chili Flake & Feta Dip p.78 is my new go-to dip for sure! It is basically whipped up feta with spices and olive oil. Genius, Quick, Super Yummy! Serve with flatbreads or crackers (I like rice crackers or Pita Bites). Honestly, this dip takes about 10 min or less to whip up. Just keep a big chunk of feta on hand this Christmas and you have a scrummy dip ready for pop in company!…


Next up we tried the Puy Lentil Salad with Roasted Vegetables p.87. John really liked this dish. It was packed with everything I love (especially roasted fennel) but for some reason I can’t explain it didn’t quite do it for me. I think something in the slight sweetness of the sauce. Just a personal preference though!…


The next 2 recipes were a real hit for a main, great for company. We loved the Cinnamon-Spiced Squash & Lima Bean Stew p.120 with the Chile Cornbread p.178. The spice in the bread was perfect and it was quick to make. Don’t let the name of the stew fool you. It wasn’t super cinnamony or sweet, just rich and moorish…IMG_1697.jpgIMG_1694.jpg

The final recipe I tried was the White Chocolate & Raspberry Ripple Cheesecake p.204. This was seriously delicious and VERY simple and quick to make which is always a bonus for a fancy looking dessert. NOTE: I would HIGHLY recommend that you only use some of the raspberry compote on the top to form the swirl and save the rest to drizzle on afterwards. I’d throw some fresh berries in the layers but the compote just sunk through the layers and soaked the crust. It was still delicious but it didn’t look that great!…Ugh sorry I can’t find a pic of mine but here’s a quick peek from the book.


December is upon us! I can’t believe that a whole year has passed and my cookbook a month challenge is almost over! I need to think about what to do next year. I have some ideas…

School finishes on the 22nd this year so I’ll still have a solid week after Christmas to make some December book recipes. Of course I HAD to pick an Ottolenghi book. Hopefully I saved the best for last. I love Ottolenghi and feel lucky that we visit the UK so often that I get to eat at his restaurants every year. Many of the ingredients are a bit harder to find in Canada but I’m going to do my best with his first veg book Plenty. I’ve had this book since it came out but have shamefully only made 2 recipes from it, I think. His recipes are like eye candy for me so I read his books all the time but because they are a little more involved with fresh ingredients they aren’t my quick go-to supper books. So excited to get going though…Happy Holidays everyone!