My friends and husband are the best!! I’m still not sure on all the details of how it happened but on Saturday morning I thought John was at his parents helping his dad with his new computer but he was at Heathrow picking up 2 long time friends…


I think Sarah and Liz just couldn’t wait until December 16 when I return to Canada to watch the new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn Part 2. Liz got the house decorated in preparation for the movie immediately…

Yeah team Edward!

It has been an amazing but surreal 2 days. They are staying the week and John even called my head teacher to get me the day off on Tuesday so we can go in to London together.

First up today was a Christmas Market at the nearby stately home of Knebworth House…



Then a cozy afternoon tucked away at a comfy, old pub!…


A country pub wouldn’t be complete without canine companions…


I’m so lucky to have such wonderful friends, John’s not bad either!

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