Seeing as lovely John got me the day off work to play with my friends we had to do something fun in London! It was a fun filled day of sightseeing, shopping and a musical. We started at the Tower of London for the Crown Jewels. It really is a sight, especially with Tower Bridge in the background…



How can you not love Tower Bridge, stunning…


We also learned a lot about the Tower of London block besides the fact that it houses the Crown Jewels. At one time there was a menagerie on the site because really what do you get a medieval king who has it all! Unfortunately, as you may guess most animals died because they didn’t know how to feed them properly. An elephant, a polar bear and tigers were among the animals acquired. More recently they have a Liz and Sarah…

Gotta love the interactive displays!

Queeny’s jewels were a highlight. Sadly, no pics inside. I didn’t want to risk being removed by a guard at this venue…


After a few hours here we did a tour of Harrods. It was actually nice to get there as it was getting dark. The lights were stunning, too bad the picture isn’t more clear, sorry…


In the evening we went to see Rock of Ages which was a blast.

Boy was I tired today! Well worth it though.


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