Crafty Update

I promise I still knit and sew. I don’t just cook all the time! I need to finish up this baby cardi for Lord Isaac for Christmas. He looks devastatingly handsome in stripes so this should work well for him! How long the giant will fit in it is another question. Just working on the end of the 2nd sleeve then I will sew it together…

20121117-103505 AM.jpg

I haven’t knit a lot with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino but it is nice. It’s very soft and squidgy which is always a nice combo. It comes in a wide array of modern colours too, goody.

On a more exciting note, my lovely John has a surprise for me this weekend and for the first time EVER I haven’t been able to crack him into giving away a hint of what we are doing? Hmmmmmm curiouser and curiouser!

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