Cleaning Day

Actually cleaning for 2 hours. It’s amazing how much you can get done if you just get started. I decided to tidy the other main room downstairs which happily is MY room. John is allowed his wireless printer and office supplies and that will probably be it, and only because I’ll use that stuff too. It’s a great room with a working fireplace, a couch to lounge on, cutting table and sewing table by the window.

Mom will notice a special picture on the wall. I just finished that quilt on the back of the couch. I got it as a kit from Greenwood Quilter in Guelph. I just loved the fabric. I was going to keep it for a present for someone but decided I love it and want to keep it for myself so it’s staying! It has a very cute red fabric in it that has a little girl go going on a scooter! Very appropriate for me.

Plenty of room for serger and sewing machine with a gorgeous view of the street and trees.

Cutting and planning table. Very useful to have I think.

This USED to be a book case, now a fabric and notions organiser.

Once the tidying was done I rolled the rest of the yarn for Gnarled Oak. If you don’t have a ball winder and swift you really must do. Julie has this set from Japan at the Needle Emporium. It works very well, is a sleek design and a great price.


I think my first sewing project will be curtains for our room. We got this fabric at IKEA about 2 weeks ago. We loved the one with the tall ships on it and I was going to mix in the others BUT the tall ship fabric is a lighter linen that the others and I don’t want to bother lining them so I think I’m going to save that fabric for larger cushions for the bed or couch. We’ll see how I’m inspired!


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