Fun Day

Two posts in one day, must pace myself.  It was a neat day though with crafty finds.  It started with a Royal Mail delivery of my new pannier from Kitsch Kitchen…soooo cute!

And on bike…

After I drooled over the pannier I went to St. Albans to check out the Hot Yoga place.  It was not the same as Moksha, which I love, but it was nice and hot and good to be doing it again.  On the way there I noticed that there was a huge market going on in the main shopping area.  Apparently it happens every Wednesday and Saturday, cool!

There were some pretty horrible stalls with junk but there were also some great looking veg  and fish stalls.  It was all the way up and down the high street.

I also found stalls selling really nice made in England material.  It was quite flowery but there was a ton of oil cloth which is usually hard to find in Canada.  Take a look…

I made Lady Fia a rain cape out of Amy Butler oilcloth and there was a lot here that could do the trick if I wanted to make it again.

Lastly, and this is the part that I hope my friend Andrew never reads, I found this bizarre and kind of creepy stand that was selling some dodgy looking foam but some decent pillow forms for covering and…

ginormous bags of foam pellets for beanbag filler.  Now this is why Andrew will kill me because I only paid 20 pounds for this lot and I think he had to pay much much more to fill the 2 “Honey Bun Poufs” that I made for Lady Fia.  They were gorgeous but we had to order the pellets online and I believe they weren’t cheap!  Oh well I guess bean bag filler is popular here.  I’d like to make some poufs for myself.  Both sizes are large enough for an adult to sit on comfortably.  I was actually surprised how big they were and how lovely they came together.  I’ll post a picture of the pattern because I’m still waiting for a picture of the finished product from Andrew with her ladyship adorned on the top!

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