Historic Town Visit

With John away I took the opportunity to visit his sister’s family south of London. I drove there all by myself, about 1 1/2 hr. I haven’t nicked a side (wing) mirror off yet! (Knock on wood, John wouldn’t be happy with me.) His sister, Mary, and I went to Royal Tumbridge Wells for the day. It is a very old town that had bath springs, similar to Bath but I’m guessing not as famous because I’d only ever heard of Bath.

I find it incredibly hard to get my head around the idea that things here are sooooo old!

First we walked around the old part of town and had a lovely lunch at an Italian restaurant. It was a beautiful day and everyone was eating outside.


After lunch we drove up to the shopping, high street area to go to a large fabric and craft store called C & H Fabrics. I had a duplicate Amy Butler bag pattern for some reason so gave it to Mary and she wanted to get fabric. Of course I didn’t complain! Once again, lots of oilcloth type fabric. I found one that I really liked and I can’t quite understand why I didn’t get some. I guess I couldn’t think what to do with it right away, but it was pretty.

I’m sure I’ll regret not getting it but I think I’ll try my hand at making real Bunting. It seems to be all the rage right now. I seem to see it for sale in a lot of places right now, maybe because it’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this year.

They also had quite a bit of yarn. It definitely wasn’t a posh yarn store like I like but it did have a little Sirdar display of kids sweaters, how terribly English!


They also had a large area for sewing notions and fabric as well as gifts. I saw this wonderful Diamond Jubilee puzzle and Mary was kind enough to buy it for a belated Christmas present. If Pa is lucky he may get a crack at it after we are done!


Mary got bag material but I just picked up some patriotic fabric. It felt nice quality and I didn’t think it was too cheesy as this kind of fabric can sometimes be. I thought it would be quite cute mixed with some other fabric for a kids quilt or some pillows.


I also had some quiet time to force myself to sew up Lady Fia’s Birthday sweater which is now going to be sent late unfortunately. It’s funny because it doesn’t take long to sew up once you get stuck in but it still takes quite a bit of motivation to do it. Silly though because you’d think you would want to show off all those long hours of needle knocking (as my dad fondly and annoyingly says)!


And oooooo before I forget Mary’s husband David made a lovely pudding (A.K.A. Dessert) last night from a National Trust cookbook of Traditional British Puddings.

He made “Atholl Bros”. I took a picture of the recipe so I can make it but maybe you will too. I will keep a look out for the book as John and I visit various National Trust properties.


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