There is stuff everywhere!


We are slowly getting sorted but I find I work for a few hours and it doesn’t look like I’ve made a dent.  I think I’m using John’s trick of just moving one lot of stuff to a different spot but not really putting it away.  My mom is the organizer pro and I have learned some skills from her but it would still be nice to have her help!  I’m at Cafe Nero again because Virgin Media can’t come until next Wednesday to install the super fast internet, that just means more Chai Latte’s for me.

I think I will paint the chairs purple. It will be nice to walk out to the balcony from this room. The table is now cleared but I think all of the things are on my cutting table in the other room.

I’m glad the second couch fits nicely. You can kind of see our new T.V. too, a 40″ (about triple the size of our old one lol)!

I will have a cutting table in the middle and sewing by the window, dreamy!

During unpacking breaks I’m still knitting.  Little Fia’s new cardi is done but the sewing together.  I’m blocking the ruffle as I type because as you can see it is too curly.  I suspected this would happen but I’m optimistic that it will turn out ok.  I do like Sirdar patterns for little ones and this is a cute one.

The colour will look gorgeous on her if I every get to sewing it up, the worst part.

I didn’t get very far on my Bayside Pullover that I started before our flight but it will have to be put on hold…

This Madeline Tosh Light is too dreamy to knit with.

…so that I can start the Gnarled Oak Cardi that Julie and Lynn are doing.  I think I was the one that put the pressure on to knit this one and because of the move I’m way behind.  John had to help me search for the pattern book amidst the sea of books on the floor! I can’ wait to wind the balls when I get home.

This is Madeline Tosh Dk in colourway Calligraphy. It's a lovely light pinkish- gray.

 Okay, I know I should be sorting out…

It is an appropriate theme though.


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