I found fabric too…

So, after drooling over this bakery…


I stumbled upon a little fabric shop with Liberty fabrics from London hanging outside. I wouldn’t buy Liberty in Copenhagen of course but it was a sure sign that the store had class…


To my delight they had this gorgeous top-notch jersey stripe material made in Denmark. They also had these adorable children’s patterns from Minikrea. I was worried about the Danish instructions as I’m not a pro seamstress yet so I went back to the hotel and looked up the company online and found that you could download the English instructions. Of course I rushed back over and purchased a few items…


Lady Fia may be the recipient of some of this fabric. There was also a picture on the wall in the store of a scarf they had made with this fabric. I have an idea for a cowl that I can’t wait to try once I’ve unpacked all of my sewing things. Of course that is top priority once we get back to Harpenden, forget putting all of the clothes and books away that are all over the floor!

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