Out and About!

Looking forward to internet Wednesday afternoon so at Pizza Express for lunch today for veggie pizza and internet on the side.  We had quite a busy weekend.  We made our way about 40 min north/west to Milton Keynes where there are a lot of big box stores.  We needed an IKEA because we’ve been living without lamps, which limits the knitting significantly.  Sunday morning before we went I was finally able to make John a proper Cream Tea with high fat Clotted Cream that you can’t really get in Canada.  We really enjoyed it!

According to the Rodda's packet you are to put the cream on after the jam as to not hide it like those in Devon do, I wonder if there is a proper way? (I spot Grammie's scone recipe with currants, mmmm.)

I did get a bit of knitting started on Gnarled Oak but must do more today.  I’ve been out trying to sort out getting our bikes set up.  I also want to get an about town bike with a basket and all.

Almost done the rib which I hate. The Stocking Stitch will whip up I'm sure.

I finished the Trafalgar Square puzzle too.  I’ll have to start another one because I have a lot of waiting around to do this week.  Wednesday is Virgin Media for the internet between 1 and 6 and then on Thursday we are getting a Condenser Dryer delivered between 10 and 2!  I did laundry for the first time last week and the house was covered in clothes so we put my friend Jen’s Argos gift vouchers towards a “tumble dryer” as they say…as opposed to a dryer that doesn’t tumble?  Very much looking forward to that, so definitely can’t do any laundry until it arrives!

A cute 500 piece. It was fun to look at all the people.

Oh and for those that know I like to get my way in stores in regards to returns…I got in an argument with IKEA because they wouldn’t exchange our new, broken red kitchen clock without a bill, even though we tried to say it was a gift…(it was from Canada so I guess it was a long shot anyways but they didn’t know that!!!)

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