Fabric Addiction 2

Confession part 2:

A lot of other fabric has been purchased. I don’t usually feel guilty about collecting yarn and fabric at all because I figure it’s a whole lot cheaper than some other habits out there but this time I don’t know! I love having a large stash to play with as well.

I have stocked up on some basic Kona colours that are cheaper here than in the UK and easier to find; I got white, snow and a couple shades of grey (you can’t even type those words anymore without there being a reminder of the books, lol)!

I also got this gorgeous space fabric from Camelot Cottons. I just saw that the little men are glow in the dark. The colours are lovely which make it a less naff (British word for tacky) novelty boys fabric. I find fabric designed for boys can walk a fine line of looking cheap but I think this will be sweet when mixed in with other geometric prints…

20130404-102940 AM.jpg

I also got Safari Soirée by Dan Stiles for Birch Fabrics. It’s too cute and I love the colours. I want more Birch Fabrics in general because they are to die for soft. They say they are 100% organic. I’m not too fused about that but if that’s why they are soft then yippee organic!…

20130404-103145 AM.jpg

Off to help mom sandwich a quilt now. I think the next post needs to showcase her latest quilts. She’s done soooooo many since Christmas and continues to blame little ole me for getting her hooked!


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