When I first get home craftiness can go out the window a bit because it’s nice to catch up with friends and do some shopping. (Although, I have been knitting rows on the Bayside Pullover some evenings.)

First of all, I had to share these slightly ugly crocs I got at the outlet for $9.99. Of course they are red…

20130407-091930 AM.jpg
I’m not a huge fan of crocs but these were too weird to resist. Shhhhh, I also got a pair of traditional crocs for cooking. I’ve always wanted a scooshy chef mat because my back gets sore when standing on the hard floor for too long. I thought a pair of $20.00 squidgy crocs would do the trick around the kitchen.

20130407-092345 AM.jpg

Now for visiting:

I was overjoyed yesterday to finally meet the new baby of 2 dear friends. He was perfect in every way. He even loved me holding him for a long while…

20130407-092809 AM.jpg
We also got to go for a nice cuddly walk…

20130407-092914 AM.jpg

Last week I also visited with another special friend and her two little ones that are growing like weeds. Children really do take fast growing pills! We went to the butterfly conservatory in Cambridge…

20130407-093133 AM.jpg

20130407-093156 AM.jpg

20130407-093216 AM.jpg

20130407-093234 AM.jpg

20130407-093256 AM.jpg
If you like to take nature photos this is a great place to go in the winter. There were tons of people there with professional looking cameras not just an iPhone like me!
Actually, if you live close by pop in and check out a very cool exhibit on right now from an artist that has taken different bugs and butterflies and displayed them with little action figure heads. It was very cool and funny because you didn’t really notice them at first. Here’s a link to that exhibit by Amy Swartz, click here.

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