Happy Birthday John!

Today is John’s birthday and he’s kindly taken the day off work so that we can go to Highclere castle where they filmed the popular BBC production of Downton Abbey. (Wait it’s his birthday not mine right! Sending the day with me is present enough I think.) Anyways, the house has very limited opening hours and you need to book tickets. Very unfortunately, I did not know this when mom was visiting until it was too late. We couldn’t get tickets, very sad. Now she will just have to live vicariously through gogo little red! Stay tuned for pictures of today’s event. I’m happy to report the sun is shining. We are going to bring a picnic so that means it will probably rain later!

I forgot to share pictures from Blenheim Palace where Nancy, Anu and I went on Monday of this week. It is one of the larger buildings in the UK to visit and holds World Heritage status. It was also the birth place of Sir Winston Churchill. It was, of course, spectacular from the outside…(The Duke and Duchess of Marlborough still live here.)




They were quite uptight and controlling at this venue and you didn’t feel comfortable walking around inside at your own pace. Ridiculous because it was practically empty. Anyways, as a revolt I took a couple of pictures when I usually respect the stupid “not allowed to take pictures” policy! I do prefer to just enjoy and absorb the sights but sometimes you see something neat that you want to show people. Check out this cool chair in the entrance hall…

and the bedroom where Churchill was born with a totally creepy frame of locks of his hair cut when he was 5 hanging on the headboard…



After being glared at by the volunteers again for no good reason we headed out to the beautiful gardens. It was just too bad it was raining!…



Off to Downton now…ooooooo so excited!

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