Touristy Weekend Update

We enjoyed a long weekend with my good friends Nancy and Anu who were making their summer tour through London on their way to Paris and Amsterdam. It was fab to see them and they inspired an ultra tourist weekend.

First thing was St. Paul’s cathedral. I’d been there about 10 years ago but had forgotten what it looked like except for the fact that you could walk way up high. I thought I would try but alas my new found vertigo got the better of me! I got up to the first level and just lost it. I was almost in tears as the lady showed me the way down!!! Oh well, I tried. John and the crew made it all the way and got these great pics of London…


Another beautiful view of St.Paul’s…don’t think I was supposed to take pictures actually…oops…


After this we hiked it over to Westminster Abbey. John and I had been fairly recently so we took a walk to the other side of the Thames and had a little lunch over looking Big Ben and the Parliament buildings…my favourite view of London…




John looks like he’s having fun too in front of the Eye!…


There were no flies on us, as John would say, as we decided to do a tour of Parliament. This was the best thing all day, even if the tour guide was long winded and I almost got kicked out by a guard for standing in the wrong place! Only me! You could only take pictures in Westminster Hall where there have been a lot of state events. It is a gorgeous example of a medieval hall…

We got to see the entrance in which the Queen enters when she comes to open Parliament once a year. We walked in her footsteps from her Robing Room through to the House of Lords and the House of Commons. It was incredible! I wish we could have taken more pictures, oh well.

After this we hightailed it to Notting Hill to have dinner with a childhood friend of Nancy’s, Suelynn. We ate at a lovely upscale pub called Bumpkin that serves only British grown food…



Needless to say, John and I chilled out on Sunday and watched stage 1 of the Tour!…


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