Food Shopping!

I’m washing my new fabric so will probably start a quilt tomorrow but I needed to get groceries today and as I LOVE to shop for food so I thought I would share some things that strike me as different.

This is Sainsbury’s…I prefer Waitrose but today was on budget…

20120420-120259 AM.jpg

I’m keen to eat these little potatoes from Lady Fia’s Mummy’s home…

20120420-120433 AM.jpg

Look you can buy just 1/2 a cucumber…

20120420-120635 AM.jpg

Hmmm purple sprouting broccoli, interesting…

20120420-120738 AM.jpg

I’m going to have to go to Jamie Oliver or my new fav Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall for recipes with these beans that I’ve never seen before…(runner beans and stringless beans)…

20120420-121048 AM.jpg
They are about triple the size of a regular bean. Wowza.

John got a nice dinner too with recipes from the Sainsbury’s magazine. Raw shaved asparagus salad with lemon and grated parmesan and mushroom, red pepper, spinach and pine nut tartlets…

20120420-121303 AM.jpg
Ah, the things you can do when you have the time eh!!!

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