Home is where John is now!

I was a last minute pea again on the way home. What a treat! John said I was on standby and when I checked in no decisions had been made. It really is nice. I actually slept for a bit. I also watched The Iron Lady, worth watching I think.

What is funny is that when John picked me up he was so excited to see me he forgot where he parked…slightly typical!

20120418-083818 PM.jpg
It took awhile to jog his memory!

On a crafty note while travelling…I had my new pack of crochet hooks and 2 sets of needles in my carry on and the security lady did ask what they were and why so many but of course never took a proper look and it was totally fine…once again proving you can travel with your knitting people!

Isn’t this a cute knitting number from my friend Judy…

20120418-084500 PM.jpg

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