2 Finds!

I had completely forgotten that I had knit a version of the Mondo Cable Cardi…


I fond my version a few days ago and got to work to finish…

I knit it in Berroco’s Jasper and as you can see I did a short sleeved version and made it quite a bit longer to go with wearing tights. (Truth be told I got a bit lazy and opted for short sleeves, although I do love a good short sleeve sweater every now and then!) I didn’t quite like the left and right front border the way they were, not sure why because they did lay nice and flat. I think it was having the cable so close to the edge. Sooooo, before we moved to the UK I had decided to put a button band on and that’s where it got left, until a few days ago…I did the band…


I finished putting on the buttons today and went outside with John to take some pictures. (Our last day together as I get to go back to Canada for Easter, yeah!)…



Then we decided to take a pic at the cool front door to the main house and this is when we found the 2nd find…

Yes that is a glass milk bottle that had been delivered by the milk man! John knew it still happened but was surprised by the glass bottles. How lovely!

3 thoughts on “2 Finds!

  1. Sarah, I only met you a couple of times at the Needle Emporium, but I have been following your blog since you moved and you make me sooo homesick (for Europe) as you uncover stuff that I have forgotten all about….Milk bottles – wait till you understand the different colour tops for the bottles.
    Silver for regular, gold for full fat, and there is another colour top for skim milk. The milk man can also deliver eggs and bread too!!

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