Pea in a Pod

FINALLY! I get to be a pea. I flew home for Easter and as I know John has a million upgrades for Air Canada I really wanted to go business class. If you haven’t seen the new business class seats, they are angled sideways in the plane and you have your own “pod” where you can lie completely flat. We joke that it’s like being a pea in a pod. I got the upgrade and didn’t feel guilty taking the points from him at all because I should get some benefit out of all his traveling for work right!!!???

So let me give final proof for traveling with knitting…it’s totally fine!!!! I have been traveling a lot for years and the only time I have ever been stopped for my knitting is when the lady at security says ooooo nice knitting. (Actually, I did get a pair of scissors taken last time I flew out of Heathrow because I forgot to take them out. He only took them because the blades were just slightly longer than the length of his security tag, if they’d been shorter I could have kept the scissors.) I even bring my metal addis. I know some people think bringing wooden needles is a better option but it doesn’t matter. So bring your knitting away with you and don’t be nervous…see…


Look, I’m laying flat with my knitting and watching movies…


It is so nice to be back, everything feels big and open! To help with the jetlag we made sure to go to Wednesday night knitting at the Needle Emporium. We have been doing this for years now and I was looking forward to seeing the ladies. I missed seeing lovely Lynn (she’s almost done her Gnarled Oak), kind Maggie, and funny Janice with a million grandsons! Of course I got to see Julie too which was very nice and I’ll see them all next week too. I’ll try to remember to take some pictures of the store too. I did get one out the front though, it’s in a lovely stone house in Ancaster…


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