Noodlehead Super Tote

In searching around other blogs I noticed that the Super Tote from Noodlehead was quite popular. You can find the pattern here. Always loving a large bag I decided to download the pattern and give it a go. It was easy to download, cutout and tape together. The best bit of the bag is that I finally used my Marimekko fabric that I got in Copenhagen when we first moved. I’m sure you will notice this famous flower pattern. I paired it will some Japanese London scene fabric…






I like to follow a pattern quite exactly the first time to see how it will turn out and then I feel more confident to make my own changes. (I even did the piping on the front pocket, which is optional by the way.) I am not particularly a fan of iron on interfacing so I would not use it again and perhaps substitute a heavier weight canvas instead. Although I’m glad I tried the inner zipper flap I will probably leave it open most of the time so could omit it in another version. I might also make the straps a bit wider and not fold them over in the middle to turn them at the shoulder. Other than that I think it will be a nice summer bag with lots of room for crafty projects!

3 thoughts on “Noodlehead Super Tote

  1. Amazing!!! My birthday is coming up soon.Hope you have a great trip to France and Jersey.See you soon LOVE Grammie

  2. this is the coolest bag ever. Anu says to me ” you know what Sarah does really well-she sews in straight lines”…..I guess that is something he thinks I should improve! lol. Where do you get this fabric-a store or online?

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