Happy Days

First of all I would like to report that it has been sunny and warm in the UK for 3 days straight now!…

It’s basically unheard of so I’m understandably very excited! It’s hilarious though because it’s JUST 20 degrees and I’ve seen a number of people in summer dresses and men on pub patios with no shirts on. Not sure it’s that warm by my standards but of course my reality has changed and expectations of living in a warmer climate for a couple of years destroyed! I digress though because I’m actually thrilled by the turn of weather and you just have to enjoy while you can right. It’s also a bank holiday-long weekend and John and I decided to take a last minute trip to the Salisbury/Winchester area for a couple of nights. As we started to find nice B&B’s to stay at tonight we realised that everyone and their dog has probably booked a weekend away or getting married this weekend so it was hard to find a place to stay. We finally found 2 different places so we are happy and off tomorrow.

Next, I wanted to share the new quilt I have finished for John’s parents for Christmas. (I’m really getting ahead of myself eh.) I think it’s his mom’s colours so I hope she likes…






I like the look of the simple squares!

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