Gone to Visit the Queen

We are only about 45 min from the largest and oldest continuously occupied castle in the world. It also happens to be the primary residence and home of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I feel like she was calling us to visit this weekend! Early Saturday morning we left to get to Windsor in time for our tour of the castle kitchens…in our new rental car…very appropriate for go go little red eh!…


We zipped to Windsor on one of the nicest fall days we’ve had yet…unfortunately, the Queen was not in residence, a bit rude don’t you think seeing as we made the journey specially, ha!






Don’t we look like we could live very happily here, surely the Queen has room…


Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to pictures inside the castle on our tour but I found an old image on the Internet. It was beautiful and is still much like it has always looked throughout history. There was even still a Victorian range in use…


The only thing this picture is missing are the beautiful copper pots that were on display! Not used anymore because the cost of lining them is so expensive.

After the tour we went through the beautiful State Rooms. We also got to see Queen Mary’s Doll House. It sure was a sight to behold! After a walk around the castle was in order…


Of course Windsor Castle is next door to Eton College and we were just in time for the 3:15 tour…


It was an informative and interesting tour. I had no idea Eton was soooooo old, but of course it was!! It was founded in 1440. This is the original school house. On the bottom were the classrooms and above lived the 70 King’s Scholars. To this day they give around 70 scholarships a year to promising young men…


There is a small museum to visit on the grounds…


Then you get to visit the chapel. Again, probably wasn’t supposed to take pics, I’m going to get chucked out of somewhere someday…


Another beautiful day for little red and her Mr.