Sewing for me

Happy Birthday Canada! I’m sorry to say it’s a rainy Canada Day here in the Tri-Cities area but I’m sure everyone is still having a relaxing time.

I have been quite focused on sewing clothes lately. Probably because it feels like I’m learning a few new things each time I make something. If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen many of these pictures but I’ll share more information here.

I’ve had some beautiful Liberty jersey fabric cut for this tank top dress for ages and my kick off to a clothes sewing binge started with this pattern…
I was worried to cut it out because it was so soft and slippery but I just plunged in and it wasn’t too bad…








I think I tackled the Made By Rae Washi Dress next. It’s been so popular online and for good reason I think. There are so many variations and customized fit options. I took her advice and did a muslin to test the size of the bodice. I actually made three because I discovered I’m in between a small and a medium…



I adjusted on the pattern and then cut the pretty fabric knowing, for once, that it would be right…




I love the fit and can’t wait to make another with some other changes. I want to do a tank top version with a scoop neck, keeping the pockets of course…





Next, I admittedly went a bit nuts with the Made by Rae Ruby Dress pattern. I wasn’t sure about the lack of shaping in this dress but it seems to look quite nice once it’s done. I’ve made a dress for myself and two top versions. I’ve also made two dresses for a friend and one for my mom out of this pattern. It’s too simple and easy to whip up! Love it…







I think I may tackle the popular Staple Dress by April Rhodes today. In some of her new fabric.

Fabric Addiction

Now that I’m at home Mom and I have been out twice for fabric. It’s a problem really! Good thing I picked up extra supply days this week. When the kids are being really nasty all I will be thinking is “this day pays for this or that fabric”.

This is what I got today:

I broke down and got a bit of the Bernstein Bears fabric. I loved them when I was little…

20130402-030523 PM.jpg

I also decided to get the Piper line from Stella to do a quilt for John’s parents for Christmas. I’m just going to do simple squares I think. I’ve made them a few things but this is the year to be daughter in-law of the year!…

20130402-030806 PM.jpg

I also picked up the Washi dress pattern, who knows when I’ll make that, as well as these bobbin genie washers that I’ve been hearing great things about. You can leave them in under your bobbin and are supposed to help it from jumping all over and making bird’s nest. Especially used when free motion quilting but my machine seems to be prone to bobbin mess so I think I’ll leave it in all the time. My poor machine, I hope it’s ok at the sewing machine doctor!…

20130402-031256 PM.jpg