This is not a great weekend adventure post or a crafty moment. I just need to vent about the horrible and depressing UK Spring weather. Actually, not Spring, extended winter. It is now the coldest Spring since 1979. I hope I am truly conveying my horror, disappointment, annoyance etc. If my words aren’t enough this was me this morning before work in a Rowan worsted wool sweater that I knit years ago. I hardly ever wear it in Canada anymore because worsted weight is too hot for me indoors nowadays…


I should just be happy I get some wear out of this Rowan classic right! I don’t feel happy about it though.

Here is me heading to work with my winter coat on. I’m really not exaggerating…


It’s miserable. I only hope it warms up for the Bank holiday weekend. I’ve just felt so bad for the kids at school this week because of course it’s May so why would you think to put the heating on, even though it hasn’t been over 10 degrees. Unbelievable!

Ok vent over 🙂 I will focus on maybe going to Hever Castle with John this weekend (home of Anne Boleyn, so cool)!