Goodbye The World Of The Happy Pear

April got a whole lot healthier with the choice of The World of the Happy Pear by Stephen and David Flynn. Despite April being filled with spring cold and flu I managed about 23 recipes. Most were amazing with only one nasty failure (Elsie’s Super Smoothie-I love bizarre smoothy combos but this one was beyond me, I just couldn’t do it, yuk.) I would definitely recommend this book or the original The Happy Pear for anyone wanting to add some extra whole food, healthy meals to their week day standbys. Also, if you fancy some tasty raw desserts. I did find the recipes a bit wordy but I think that’s because it incorporated what I would think are the author’s voices. Use your brain when you make some of these items so that you don’t make things more work than they need to be e.g. for the Amazing Chocolate, Nut and Caramel Bars just grab them with tongs and dip them in the chocolate don’t fuss with putting them on a knife over a bowl while pouring chocolate over with a spoon.

As always here are some of my fav recipes…


Chocolate Cookie Dough Balls – Soooooooooo easy to make and honestly taste like cookie dough. Don’t be worried though they are filled with healthy ingredients like oats, dates, cashews and coconut oil.


Courgette (Zucchini) Fritters with Tzatziki and Beetroot Salad – Gorgeous and fresh. The fritters were really difficult to cook because they kept falling apart. I think you could easily add an egg to help.

This Three-Colour Quinoa Protein Salad – will be my new go-to summer salad I think! It went down a treat at a staff pot luck.

This Citrus, Goji and Chia Marmalade – was a fav of John’s. I even liked it (marmalade is not my friend!) I’m happy I could make him a no refined sugar option.


Carrot, Original and Beetroot Humous – Gorgeous, these will all be made again. Especially, the beet.

These Super Fudgy Almond Brownies were pretty good but I like the cookie dough balls better!

Breakfast options – Green Power Bowl, Quinoa and Flax Pancakes and Nut and Seed Loaf.  The Loaf was a personal fav. It was soooooooo quick and easy to make and tasted healthy and satisfying. It rocked with almond butter and fresh raspberries on top!

Other dinners included No-Fry Falafels, Blistered Grilled Veg, Feta and Pine Nut Stuffed Peppers, Mexican Salsa with Mixed Beans and Coriander (soooooo yum!) and an Easy Indian Biryani (sorry not a great pic). 


We finished the book off last night with a lovely Pad Thai – can’t go wrong there.

As I’m seeing, each month there are still loads of great recipes still left to make. I’m going to eventually try them but I’m happy to have completed so many new recipes. I found more than a few go-to recipes that I know will be enjoyed by family and friends for years to come.

If I was thrilled to give Happy Pear a go in April I’m over the moon to be getting on to Anna Jones’ a modern way to eat. I believe I got this book in the UK the summer it was released and haven’t made a thing, ugh, typical me, I read it loads though! The pictures are stunningly styled and are exactly what I do and imagine eating every day. There seems to be a lot of flexibility in the recipes too. Wish me luck in May!


March Cookbook Done

The Moosewood Cookbook was the perfect choice for this month’s dreary Southern Ontario weather. Think comfort food for vegetarians! Pies and casseroles with lots of cheesy goodness. At some point, every veggie probably needs to host a dinner for hardcore meat eaters and I for one refuse to cook meat for them. I’m not totally cruel though I have an arsenal of hearty, filling recipes that should satisfy anyone. Moosewood is chalked full of these recipes. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a cake recipe call for a pound of butter, yikes right!

This is what I got through this month…

Cauliflower-Cheese Soup P. 16
Ginger Marinated Chick Peas P.64
Marinated Mushrooms P.67
Balkan Cucumber Salad P.69
Beet Puree P.86
Feta-Walnut Dip P.101
Greek Pilaf P.148
Stuffed Grape Leaves P.149
Zuccanoes (Stuffed Zucchini) P.154
Spinach-Ricotta Pie P.156
Swiss Cheese & Mushroom Quiche P.157
Cauliflower-Cheese Pie (with Grated Potato Crust) P.159
Zucchini-Crusted Pizza P.166
Samosas P.170
Satyamma’s Famous Cauliflower Curry P.173
Vegetarian Chili P.176
Date-Nut Cake P.187
Lemon-Blueberry Pound Cake P.190-91
Banana Bread P.193
Cardamom Coffee Cake P.195
Apple Strudel P.196
Apple Custard Pie P.202
Moosewood Fudge Brownies P.213

Wow, when you write a list like that it doesn’t look like I even made a dent in the recipes but I sure felt busy cooking!


We started with this Mezze dinner. The Feta Walnut dip was a fav for sure. The marinated chickpeas were good too. There were a lot of leftover chickpeas so I roasted them in the oven to make a delightful chickpea snack.

Take a look at some of my other book favs for dinner…

I even made Samosas from scratch. Don’t know why I haven’t done this before, it couldn’t have been easier. I’d like to find a different filling though or add more spices to this one.

I probably tried too many desserts from this book for my waistline but hey, it helped get through this drizzly month! The Pound Cake recipe was definitely a must do. The nice thing about this recipe is that you can create as many variations as you can imagine. Of course, start with lemon-blueberry!

As you may know, I’m quite the Banana Bread connoisseur and I heartily approve of this one…


Butter, butter, butter! I love the addition of walnuts and the sesame crust layer underneath. I also appreciated the orange zest and the coffee soaked bananas, neat eh.

The Brownies and Apple Strudel were also a hit…

Strudel really does look impressive, doesn’t it, like you worked all day on it! Aside from the lovely Apple Custard Pie, it was the easiest recipe in the book.

As much as I loved Moosewood, I’m ready to move on. Most of the recipes I tried were heavy and dairy laden which is not the kind of vegetarian food I really like to eat. I’d say they are a bit old-fashioned/traditional compared to today’s vibrant use of veg, grains, nuts and seeds, whole foods right! I’m thrilled to have these recipes in my back pocket now but April’s book is just more me!

I’ve decided on the second Happy Pear Book, The World of the Happy Pear

I’ve made a few things from the first Happy Pear book and they were all extremely tasty and fresh. Check these guys out online here. In a nutshell, they are 2 brothers who started a bit of a veg food revolution in a small town in Ireland with their Heart Healthy recipes and education. They also have some fun, short videos on how to make quick, healthy veg meals. I’m looking forward to lightening up in April with some of their amazing looking salads and snacks. Stay tuned…