Sugar Block Club Catch Up

Well, it’s that time of year to get a bad head cold!!!! I’ve been out of commission for about 2 weeks now and have a lot of sewing to catch up on. I’m almost done my retro Christmas quilt which I’ll show soon but first I’ve been working very hard to get my Sugar Block Club squares done. I’ve done 4 squares in the last 3 days because I hadn’t done one since July. If you remember, I’m mostly using Amy Butler’s Alchemy line to make a sampler quilt from Amy Gibson’s 2013 Sugar Block Club found here. On her website now you can sign up for her 2014 club too.

These blocks were fun to make as always and I can’t wait to finish December and decide how to put them altogether.


20131214-095116 am.jpg

20131214-095129 am.jpg

20131214-095146 am.jpg

20131214-095203 am.jpg


20131214-095256 am.jpg

20131214-095310 am.jpg
This one was the easiest and quickest by far. The others have lots of little pieces!


20131214-095409 am.jpg

20131214-095438 am.jpg

20131214-095510 am.jpg


20131214-095548 am.jpg

20131214-095613 am.jpg

20131214-095626 am.jpg

20131214-095643 am.jpg

All the pieces are cut and paper is ready for later today. I’m determined to finish all the blocks by the end of the year!

July Sugar Block Club

We are still on holiday in Jersey now but I thought I better get this post in before July suddenly slips away. It’s time again to show another Sugar Block Club block. I quite enjoyed this one even if I did make a mistake and have to turn four pieces around. It was another fun one and even though it did involve a bit of paper piecing it was super quick and easy…


I made the flying geese blocks first…


Next is where I made a “mistake” with the pink triangles. I say “mistake” because it still looked nice and would have been fine but I fancied sticking to the block so that it finished looking of a star…


This is the altered version below. Notice the changed orientation of the pink triangles…


The final pieces are done with paper piecing…


I think it’s very pretty. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of mom’s yet but I’m sure it’s equally as lovely.

May Sugar Block Club

I finished my May Sugar Block of the Month Club block about a week ago but just haven’t shared. This fifth block is called “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”. Here is Stitchery Dickory Dock’s block that I needed to follow…



This was a fun one and mom said it’s here favourite of mine so far…




(Ooo, just noticed the yucky join of the bottom left block, oh well!)
I like how it turned out with the fussy cut centre. I’m also happy with my choice to keep and all white background.

Of course mom has finished hers as well. Apparently she didn’t like her first attempt but I love it!…


Her second block is gorgeous too!…


I think mom’s showing me up in this BOM club.

April BOM Here it is!

Fortunately, I brought my fabric home for my Sugar Block Club April block. This month was another paper piecing block that I really enjoyed doing. The pattern looks bright like the sun that has been missing from our spring!…

20130408-020541 PM.jpg

I struggled with deciding on my fabric choice but I knew I wanted the sun in the white that I’m putting in every block. It came together dreamily…

20130408-021028 PM.jpg

20130408-021043 PM.jpg

20130408-021103 PM.jpg

20130408-021122 PM.jpg

20130408-021144 PM.jpg

I actually think this is my favourite block so far. There are so many fabric combinations you could do here. You could do all of the background scrappy or the points a different colour hmmmmmm the possibilities!

P.s. last minute addition to post…
Yeah mom, she finished her block too. Hot off the press…

20130408-052649 PM.jpg
Gorgeous as usual!

Mom’s Blocks

I have to apologise because I’ve had these pictures for a few days now and haven’t posted them. I’ve been sewing up a storm on some placemats that I’ll show very soon. I have an opportunity to maybe do my first craft fair in this posh town of mine. I hope the Yummy Mummy’s will like my baby quilts and want them for their very own! More on that later. Now I need to share mom’s March and February BOM squares…



Aren’t they gorgeous! I can’t decide which I like the most. The February blue and green fabric choice is perfectly complimenting but I really do love the wackiness of the March orange one. I know she’s always critical of her work but she’s amazing and I think they are perfect…almost as good as mine, ha!

Sweet March Block

I’ve been sewing up a storm here. I’ve been working on a little picture tutorial for the baby 9-patch quilt that I like to make and I’m almost done the pictures to write about that. In the mean time I quickly completed the March Sugar Block Club block. It’s called Forget Me Not. Here is a picture of the pattern from the club email…

Amy Gibson is doing all of her blocks in solids.

I really like how this one turned out and I finally got to use one of the darker fabrics in the range…




I’m quite chuffed with how all three have turned out so far and I love how they go together…


This was a super quick and fun block so I decided to use the pattern for block 8 of my retro Christmas quilt too…

The wee skater in the centre is too adorable!

I tried to take a picture of all the Christmas blocks that I have done so far. It was hard to fit it all in but here you go…

Most of these blocks were done with mom at a quilt and knitting shop in Streetsville, ON called Ruti’s Needlebed. Having some instruction in more traditional and complicated quilt blocks was helpful. It was interesting to learn some different techniques. I feel much more confident now that I can figure many things out on my own. It is also much easier to watch the videos that go along with the Sugar Block Club because I have more quilting basics under my belt. (That being said the learning videos on Craftsy are well done and easy to follow even for a true beginner.)

Oops Sorry February Block

I’ve been working on my Sugar Block Club block for March and suddenly realised that I haven’t shown off my February block, tragic!

If you remember I showed the pattern…


This pattern uses paper piecing which required a lot of extra preparation but I think it was worth it in the end. First you need to sew all of the fabric in order…




(Oooo the little middle tips almost match up perfectly!)

After the centre square was done I laid out the other pieces to make sure I matched up the different materials correctly. I went with a scrappy choice for the blues instead of one fabric. It was a lot of sewing to put the bits together…



After carefully ripping all of the paper off the block was pretty as can be, I think…


Sew it Mom!

Wow, I love mom’s January Block for the Sugar Block of the Month Club…


Don’t you just love the colour combination. She is using the fabric from the Flea Market Fancy collection by Denyse Schmidt. I think she’s been looking for a project for this material for awhile so it’s nice to see it come together. She says that she will be finished the February block today so I hope I get a picture soon. No pressure!