Late Weekend Up!

It was a big weekend so blogging about it seemed a bit daunting! That’s why it’s Wednesday night and John keeps asking when he can read an update of the weekend we had together, like he’s already forgotten or something!

First, it’s autumn so what better way than to mix up the hair…



Hilarious, I had half my class believing that I was “Ms. Quart’s twin from Canada. They are only 8!

We were headed towards Canterbury when I read that the UK’s largest knitting and quilting show was on at Alexander Palace or as the locals say “Ally Pally”. It’s not really a palace but a place to hold events, built in Victorian times…


Good old John is always game but even I worried when I saw the size of this show!…good thing I was sporting a knitted cowl…


Upon entering was a cute display of unfinished projects…we all have them right…


The building itself was a bit run down but had the most beautiful view of the entire London skyline. You had to remember to look up in the building itself because it was gorgeous…



The show itself was a bit of a mixed bag. It had some interesting booths and then others that were simply horrid. If you’ve ever been to Toronto’s Creative Sewing Festival you will know what I mean. What I did like though was that there were many displays. I thought some of the modern quilt ones were cool as well as the needle point…



Rowan was there with a very large booth. They had the garments there that mom and I saw at their office when she was here…




Some of the other booths I thought were nice…




I didn’t really buy anything but I did get some very cute hand drawn fabric from a French couple. It looked drawn by a child with cute quotes in French…


I believe we also saw Nicky Epstein at a table with examples from her new book “Knitting in Circles”…


After the show we went into the neighbouring town to look around and we found a Children’s book shop. I was soooooo excited. Mom would have loved it…



At home I whipped up a lovely roasted squash, fennel and walnut salad. Soooooooo simple but flavourful. It’s a “keeper” as dad would say…





Another great weekend but all the more pleasant because it was so unexpected!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Not exactly a big holiday here in the UK, I actually have to work tomorrow! Horrifying! I paid homage to my homeland today though by staging my own Canadian Thanksgiving. Of course it was a veg meal but I think the visitors enjoyed their meal. Of course I made the family pumpkin pie recipe. I also tried 4 new recipes, which of course you aren’t supposed to do for company but it was John’s parents so I didn’t think they’d mind. I made a baby beet root tarte tatin and squash pots with a creamy leek filling (this was the show stopping piece) from Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall’s cookbook Veg. From our new family favourite Vegetarian Canadian Living book, I made a fennel, celery, apple and red grade salad with poppy seed dressing. Finally, from vegetarian guru Molly Katzen’s Vegetables I can’t live without, I made green beans almandine (basically just almonds roasted in butter and garlic and added to cooked beans). It was all a massive hit if I do say so myself!!! The beet tarte was especially tasty.

I had to make the pie first with my special pie apron!…

20121007-083035 PM.jpg

20121007-083053 PM.jpg

20121007-083109 PM.jpg

Then the all day cookfest began…

20121007-083155 PM.jpg
Aren’t leeks pretty!

20121007-083222 PM.jpg

A tarte tatin is cooked upside down and I was able to use my cute pumpkin covered plate to serve…

20121007-083740 PM.jpg

20121007-083759 PM.jpg

20121007-083814 PM.jpg

Before the carnage…

20121007-083902 PM.jpg

20121007-083934 PM.jpg

And of course the aftermath and my clean up fairy…

20121007-084046 PM.jpg

I hope everyone has a great holiday, spent with family and friends.