Forgotten Crafty Find

Ever find a piece if crafty work hidden away in a box and think “oh ya I forgot about that and it’s almost done. I should really finish that up!”

Yes well, I stumbled across my first ever attempt at English paper piecing hexagons. I was using some lovely left over fabric from Kallisti Quilts, an online store in Waterloo, that I had used to make 2 quilts for friends. I thought I could make it into a throw pillow and obviously never did!

Until now…

20131130-090241 am.jpg
The last of my old couch pillows are covered!

More…notice the old shirt back routine again, I love it…

20131130-090352 am.jpg

20131130-090406 am.jpg

Pillow Talk

I finally sweet talked myself into making another pillow cover to hide the old ugly burgundy one that didn’t get a cover in the last round of pillow hexi mania. I wanted to use my left over Liberty hexagons for the project as well as an old dress shirt for the back. If you cut the front of a shirt up you can use it for the back of a pillow and the buttons allow easy access. Take a peek…






I didn’t have a plan for the front but it worked out well enough I think. I just like looking at the pretty little pieces…





I have one more old pillow to cover but it will have to wait because I need to get ready for the Harpenden Ladies Charity Gift Fair in two weeks time.