Pyrenees Birthday

Happy Birthday to me! Hey what did you do for your birthday gogolittlered? Oh I cycled up a mountain…WHAT!

Yes, for my birthday John booked a night in the Pyrenees, 2 hours from our friend’s where we are staying for a week, so that we could climb a famous Tour de France route through the Pyrenees. (This actually was for me and not John I might add but of course he also loved it!)

We stayed in the town of Argeles-Gazost at a lovely little mountain town hotel…



I was incredibly nervous about the ride as we have never cycled anything like this before. Being in the high mountains though was very inspirational and stunning. We planned to cycle up to the VERY famous Col d’Aubisque at 1709 m but given timing, tiredness and clouds rolling in that high we stopped at the top of the Col du Soulor instead at 1474 m. The Soulor is 9 km of 8.5% gradient, if you understand that, basically straight up for about an hour with no flat bits! (Keep in mind it took over an hour to just get to this bit from the hotel which was also uphill all the way except a short mountain town pass that was flattish.) An impressive feat I think for a first time out! We were very proud of ourselves. Here are some pics of the day…look closely you can see me cycling up in some…










I think I had a panic attack on the way down. It’s very fast and dangerous looking. I definitely have a different respect and understanding of what it would take to be a professional road cyclist now! I think I prefer my long hard rides through the sunflower field roads of France better but hey it had to be done at least once right!

Thank you John for a most memorable birthday! (Oh and by the way it took us about 3 hours to go up 20 km from the hotel and it took John 19 min to get down, yes you read that right 19 min.)