Woodstock Fleece Festival

I know this is a bit late but I wanted to share a few moments from the Woodstock Fleece and Fibre festival a few weekends ago. It’s a large show at the fair grounds with a ton of exhibits and animal demonstrations.

I was able to finish “Gale”. I think it turned out really well, even if I did misread the pattern and did the back the same as the front. If I hadn’t told you you wouldn’t even have known! Basically the purled rib pattern that goes half-way across the front was supposed to go all the way across for the back, whatever. I also made the neck shorter than the pattern said because I’m not always a fan of the turtle neck…

IMG_7674 IMG_7670 IMG_7668 IMG_7666

Lynn looks lovely in the Remy Poncho.

Lynn looks lovely in the Remy Poncho. (See here for pattern on Ravelry.)

It’s fun at the show to try on other things you may like to knit. Of course I wanted to try Remy too…

IMG_7687 IMG_7684

I like it! Not sure if I’ll do it yet though.

I also tried to pick some colours for the Lilli Pilli shawl. You can see the Ravelry page for it here. Mom did it in a nice light turquoise with white and grey stripes. I’m thinking more like…

IMG_7691 IMG_7690 IMG_7689

We’ll see!

It was a good day at the fair and if you haven’t been it’s worth going to. I even had a surprise visitor!…

My Grammie!

My Grammie!

Grammie and Pa came for a quick look around. They said the Farmer’s market beside the hall was also very good.

Fall Inspiration

Well the KW Knitter’s Fair was on Saturday and it always makes me actually believe that autumn is a reality. I have a love hate relationship with fall because I think it’s one of the most beautiful seasons we have in Canada but it also signifies that winter is coming. Some people try to tell me that they love winter. Bull…!!! Seriously! Maybe you’d love winter if you lived in Whistler and could ski for free everyday but come on! It’s cold and dark and depressing, lol! The only thing I like about winter is having our fireplace on in the family room and those lovely sunny days we get where the snow is glistening, the sky is blue and all seems right with the world.

I digress…as usual I worked at Julie’s booth from the Needle Emporium at the fair. John was very cute on Saturday morning because I woke up and he was already dressed in a vest I knit him years ago. He wasn’t coming to the show but he was showing great solidarity, eh…

Noro Silk Garden

Noro Silk Garden

Here are some shots of the booth…

IMG_7468 IMG_7469 IMG_7470 IMG_7471

The Technicolour Cowl Kits were particularly popular and we almost sold out! Here’s the one mom knit for me this summer…


Don’t worry if you missed the show in Kitchener you can join us in Woodstock on October 17th at the fibre and fleece festival. Click here for more info. I haven’t been to this show in ages so am looking forward to seeing what’s what. More than anything these shows are good inspiration. I always come home and feel like knitting again.

Knitter’s Frolic 2015

As we’ve been settling in to our new house I haven’t been doing any sewing at all but have been knitting up a storm. A couple months ago Julie at the Needle Emporium text me to ask if I wanted to knit a new sweater to wear at her Knitter’s Frolic booth. (Check out the Knitter’s Frolic here.) Of course, yes right! Julie often has Lynn and I do something new for inspiration at the booth and she said that Lynn had picked a beauty little short sleeved number from the Spring 2015 Interweave Knits magazine. I’ve often picked the pattern so it’s fun that Lynn choose a nice surprise this time…

One Way Tee by Debbie O'Neill

One Way Tee by Debbie O’Neill

You can also check out the pattern and other’s knits on Ravelry, here. It’s knit in Madeline Tosh DK but I’ve knit a lot with this yarn and have been wanting to try out the newer Mrs. Crosby line. I chose a nice spring coral colour and got knitting right away. The lace arrow pattern is lovely and with the rest in stocking stitch it knits up super quick…

Colour: Hot Pimento

Colour: Hot Pimento

A quick start

A quick start

Follow your arrow...

Follow your arrow…

Back done!

Back done!

Cute saddle shoulder sleeves

Cute saddle shoulder sleeves

I just have a wee bit to do on the front and I’ll be ready to sew it together. I’m doing the 34 1/2″ size (2nd size) but I think I would have liked the 38″ finished size as well. I looks nice in the picture a bit looser fitting but mine will be more a tighter fitting Tee I think. It will need a good block out. I’m sure it will be fine, we’ll see. As always I measured the finished bust of a knit tee I already like to wear. I know it will be fine but it looks so curled at the edges that I unreasonably worry. I have enjoyed knitting with Mrs. Crosby, carpet bag. It’s very soft and the colour is coming up nicely. The Frolic is at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto on April 25 and 26. The booths are only open Saturday the 25th though. Come by and see the final product, it’s always a good show with lots of booths.

Knitter’s Frolic

It was an early morning today! Up at 5 to meet at the Needle Emporium. I was helping with Julie’s booth at the Downtown Knit Collective’s Knitter’s Frolic at the Japanese Cultural Centre. If you haven’t been before it is well worth the trip. This year Julie featured the new Mrs. Crosby yarn. It comes in 5 weights and Julie has it first in the world! The names of the yarn are travel themed so Julie planned a baggage carousel idea with old fashioned trunks and cases. It was a lovely set up!…








The yarn itself is dreamy and I got to touch many samples today. Everyone loved this cute hat that was done it two colours of the fingering weight. Find it on Ravelry, called Anemone or click here.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay the whole day because we had already planned to take Lady Fia to see a Dora play at the Randolph Theatre in Toronto. It was well worth it and she loved it! See the before and after pics in the car lol!! She’s way too precious and beautiful…


Good day!

Frolicking Fun

Well, another Knitter’s Frolic has come and gone! I was working with Julie at the Needle Emporium booth and boy was it busy…well not before it opened…

20130427-085514 PM.jpg

20130427-085537 PM.jpg

Lynn and I were sporting our new Boardwalk vests. I think they were a hit…

20130427-085815 PM.jpg

My cute little Gnarled Oak was also on display. I love this one…

20130427-085923 PM.jpg

The Madeline Tosh was flying off the shelves; it sure is tasty! You have to knit with it at some point.

It was also very nice to meet a few blog readers in person! Thank you for saying hi.

I’m so very tired now and my legs are super achy. Time for a quick dinner and off to bed.

Weekend Trip to London

We were invited to John’s friend’s house in Hammersmith on Saturday night and we took the opportunity to take the train.  It was fast and easy, Harpenden to St. Pancras in 29 min.  We were going to try and see a photo exhibit of the Queen at the Victoria and Albert museum but we got a late start to the day and so we focused on finding a yarn shop I was interested to see instead, John is so sweet!  We walked from the station about 15 min to the Islington area where we discovered Camden Passage which was filled with loads of neat little antique shops and stalls.  (Can’t wait to take mom.)  We had a hard time finding the little shop but we finally got the GPS on the phone working.

Outside Loop.

After just squeezing through the very narrow door to get into the shop with our overnight case John was sweet to hold everything while I looked around.

I'm looking at a knitting book produced by the Loop store I believe. It was cute and I liked the baby dress in it but it had mostly shawls and scarves which I don't often make.

They did have some very nice lace weight yarn and the store had a cozy, lovely feel.  Of course nothing compared to the Needle Emporium!  I think I’m hooked on Danish designers because I got this gorgeous children’s book.

"Labour of Love" by Vibe Ulrik Sondergaard. Loop had the round neck sweater called Matilda done up and it looked fantastic!

They had some outstanding buttons too and I picked up three sets that I think will work for Gnarled Oak.  I couldn’t decide which to use so I’ll decide when it’s done.  (Almost at the arm holes I think!)

This is a card from the store too, very cutesy. I would definitely go back, especially because it's in a vibrant area.

I also got a new copy of Mollie Makes.  It’s a crafting magazine that’s really neat to read, even more so now that I’m in England and can visit a lot of the stores and places they write about.  It came with a kit to make a Babushka keyring which I’m going to use for my new bike lock.

Mom got me into this inspirational magazine that's cheaper here than in Canada.

Being in London for the the day was very exciting and I look forward to going back very soon.  We like looking at the ads on the wall when we are in the tube stations.  I just had to post this one…

Yeah the Hunger Games, can't wait!

On our was back home we had time to look at a few shops at St. Pancras.  I found the Cath Kidson store.  I’m not an overly flowery person but I do enjoy her oilcloth bags and such.  It all seems very Englishy.

Didn't buy anything this time.