Mason Jar Goodness

I was browsing through Instagram (as you do) a couple of months before Christmas and I saw that someone had just received a personalized Mason Jar. I, of course, immediately needed one with my gogolittlered logo!

It was a simple and easy process and I got my order just in time for Christmas pressies…IMG_6102 IMG_6103 IMG_6104 IMG_6109

I ordered from House of Jars, click here to check them out on Etsty.  They were great to deal with as well. The logo looks like a waterproof sticker so I’m not putting it in the dishwasher just in case (it’s been fine to hand wash so far). They are perfect for my detox green smoothies. (John thinks it’s weird to have a green smoothie. He says, “don’t they just have strawberries, banana and yogurt in them!) Oh Johnny Boy!