Lady Sunnyside

At the end of January I posted that I was finally going to finish my Lady Sunnyside sweater by Tanis Fibre Arts. (See that post here.) It’s a lovely top-down cardi. It’s a simple stockinette stitch but with a fancy boarder option. I chose the lace but there is also a simple cable twist version as well…


Totally comfy to wear. I can see it being a staple already. On to the next WIP!!! Hint…my husband will finally get a sweater. Stay tuned lol!


WIP for years

If you knit a lot you probably have a basket or 2 (or 2 extra large, could fit a body in them, tubs) with projects that are waiting to be finished. I used to be A LOT better at starting a project and finishing it in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, the more I have knit the quicker I become bored with a pattern. Please don’t even ask about my husband’s sweater from 9 years ago that is ALMOST done. Thank goodness it’s a classic design so it will always look nice.

ANYWAYS…the project I finished last night has only been kicking around for about 2 years. It’s the Lady Sunnyside sweater from Tanis Fibre Arts. I love her patterns but this is the first of her sweater patterns that I have knit. Find the pattern on Ravelry here


Cable detailed version with 3/4 sleeves.


Lace detailed option with long sleeves.

I chose the option with long sleeves and the lace detail. This sweater is also a top-down knit and who doesn’t LOVE that! I especially love a top-down because I have oddly long arms so it’s fab to be able to try on a sweater as you go and get those sleeves just so. I think this would be a great beginner pattern too because it’s a pretty straight forward knit with the detail only at the edges. Her patterns are well-written and easy to follow, I think.

I have NOT blocked this yet or weaved in the ends (I’ll do that this weekend, I hope), but I wanted to give you a peak…


This is my 3rd or 4th sweater out of Madeline Tosh Vintage. LOVE! If you can buy it somewhere please do. Colours are always gorgeous and lush to knit with.

Knitting THIS Again…

Well…I didn’t lie about being inspired to knit after the KW Knitter’s Fair. On the Sunday after, I searched through one of my many baskets of projects and decided to whip out the Bayside Pullover from the first Coastal Knits book. The Ravelry page for this project is here. I started this project when we were in the UK, see that blog post here. Check out this picture of me from that post..

20120615-140439.jpgHow short is my hair! The sweater needs to be longer too, ha ha ha.

This is the sweater at present day…

Almost at the right length. Then I just have to do the sleeves.

Almost at the right length. Then I just have to do the sleeves.

Gotta love my new notions bag too eh!

Gotta love my new notions bag too eh!

I love the shaping in this sweater…

You can the wide-skinny-wide at the waist.

You can see the wide-skinny-wide at the waist.

I’ve been knitting the last few nights but as it’s Madeline Tosh Light it’s slow going! I’ll keep at it though 🙂

Finished Altair Cap

I’m sure there are many people out there who think that I would never finish another knitting project every again! Not true 🙂 I finished my Altair Cap, click here for the ravelry description…


I love it! It’s very comfy and was fun to knit. I was worried that it wouldn’t fit because I find that Madeline Tosh yarn looks so tight and teeny when I’m knitting it but it stretches like mad. I’m still happy with the colours I chose but I still think it needed more of a contrast…




(Note: It was meant to be a about 6″ from the cast-on before you start the crown shaping but I was knit happy and went almost 8″. I didn’t bother taking it out so it’s just slouchier than it should have been. Fine with me.)

I have enough sock yarn left to do another hat for sure…


I’m going to use the pinky colour and some of mom’s darker purple to do another one I think. There will be a better contrast…


I took all of these pictures on the way to finally getting my hair done. I was so sick last week I had to cancel. Now I don’t need to wear a hat because it’s presentable now! I missed such a good hairdresser. One thing I missed about Canada!…


I Knit Too

How do people work full time and still get their craft on? I’d like to know because I find it hard. After leaving school, going to yoga and then eating dinner there isn’t much time left in the evening. Imagine if there was getting kids to bed too, yikes! Moms are super human aren’t they?

Anyhow, I digress. I have been knitting my Bayside pullover diligently most evenings for a wee bit. The rounds are long so it feels as though it’s taking forever. However, contrary to my belief it must be growing because I tried it on this weekend and it only needs about 2 more inches in length…

20130416-100647 PM.jpg

20130416-100706 PM.jpg

20130416-100724 PM.jpg

20130416-100743 PM.jpg

I think it will be fab when it’s done. Like the Boardwalk vest though it will need some serious blocking to make it a bit roomier.