Lady Sunnyside

At the end of January I posted that I was finally going to finish my Lady Sunnyside sweater by Tanis Fibre Arts. (See that post here.) It’s a lovely top-down cardi. It’s a simple stockinette stitch but with a fancy boarder option. I chose the lace but there is also a simple cable twist version as well…


Totally comfy to wear. I can see it being a staple already. On to the next WIP!!! Hint…my husband will finally get a sweater. Stay tuned lol!


WIP for years

If you knit a lot you probably have a basket or 2 (or 2 extra large, could fit a body in them, tubs) with projects that are waiting to be finished. I used to be A LOT better at starting a project and finishing it in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, the more I have knit the quicker I become bored with a pattern. Please don’t even ask about my husband’s sweater from 9 years ago that is ALMOST done. Thank goodness it’s a classic design so it will always look nice.

ANYWAYS…the project I finished last night has only been kicking around for about 2 years. It’s the Lady Sunnyside sweater from Tanis Fibre Arts. I love her patterns but this is the first of her sweater patterns that I have knit. Find the pattern on Ravelry here


Cable detailed version with 3/4 sleeves.


Lace detailed option with long sleeves.

I chose the option with long sleeves and the lace detail. This sweater is also a top-down knit and who doesn’t LOVE that! I especially love a top-down because I have oddly long arms so it’s fab to be able to try on a sweater as you go and get those sleeves just so. I think this would be a great beginner pattern too because it’s a pretty straight forward knit with the detail only at the edges. Her patterns are well-written and easy to follow, I think.

I have NOT blocked this yet or weaved in the ends (I’ll do that this weekend, I hope), but I wanted to give you a peak…


This is my 3rd or 4th sweater out of Madeline Tosh Vintage. LOVE! If you can buy it somewhere please do. Colours are always gorgeous and lush to knit with.

Gale Poncho

It’s a poncho, it’s a wrap, it’s a sweater…it’s Gale. At the KW Knitter’s Fair Julie had me wear a garment called Gale by Alicia Plummer. You can get the pattern and see more information on Ravelry or click here.

I wore it most of the day and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was because, hey, it’s basically a poncho, yuk!…

Lynn, me, Wanietta

Lynn, me, Wanietta

Gale is knit like two big rectangles with some arm shaping and a loose neck. It really has a sweater feel and doesn’t flow out around the body. It’s closed at the side with a button. The first thing I noticed was that it was warm without being stifling. I also felt that I could still wear a coat with it on. My big beef about ponchos is that when it gets really cold out it’s awkward to wear a coat over top.

The actual pattern is done in Swan Island Natural Colors Merino Bulky but Julie has adapted the needle size so that you can use Charly by Filatura. It’s a nice superwash with a ton of lovely colours. I chose a nice dark blue. The one at the show was actually a purplish blue but it looks similar in these pics…

Close up!

Close up! You can get this yarn from

Here’s help for the needle sizes..

Nice hand writing mom...

Nice hand writing mom…

The best thing about this sweater is that it’s SUPER fast to knit. I started it a few days ago and in a few nights it’s gone from this…

This is a shot after an hour or so maybe?...

This is a shot after an hour or so maybe?…

to this…very quickly!…

In this shot I'm just ready to do a few rows fro the arm shaping and then about 12 rows of decrease for the shoulder shaping. This is the front basically done though.

In this shot I’m just ready to do a few rows for the arm shaping and then about 12 rows of decrease for the shoulder shaping. This is the front basically done though.

I’m aiming to have this done to show off at the Woodstock Fleece Festival on October 17. I better ask Julie if she’s bringing the yarn! I think I’ll have it done in time eh!

Home Again

I can’t believe I’m home again, it’s like I never left! It’s nice to be back but I wish there wasn’t any snow at all.

I’ve decided to keep knitting on the Bayside Pullover from Coastal Knits. You can check out the pattern here. Funny enough I started this sweater just before we move to the UK. I’ve progressed slightly…

20130329-091824 PM.jpg
I love the cables running down the sides…

20130329-091912 PM.jpg

Unfortunately, it has the same problem as the Boardwalk Vest…someone didn’t pay attention to the tension and it’s a wee bit small! Oh ya, that was me. Fortunately, it is the same yarn as the vest so I know it blocks out well. That means I don’t have to tear it out and start again. I really didn’t want to have to do that!

I also got to spend this nice sunny day today with my Lady Fia…

20130329-092427 PM.jpg

Late Weekend Up!

It was a big weekend so blogging about it seemed a bit daunting! That’s why it’s Wednesday night and John keeps asking when he can read an update of the weekend we had together, like he’s already forgotten or something!

First, it’s autumn so what better way than to mix up the hair…



Hilarious, I had half my class believing that I was “Ms. Quart’s twin from Canada. They are only 8!

We were headed towards Canterbury when I read that the UK’s largest knitting and quilting show was on at Alexander Palace or as the locals say “Ally Pally”. It’s not really a palace but a place to hold events, built in Victorian times…


Good old John is always game but even I worried when I saw the size of this show!…good thing I was sporting a knitted cowl…


Upon entering was a cute display of unfinished projects…we all have them right…


The building itself was a bit run down but had the most beautiful view of the entire London skyline. You had to remember to look up in the building itself because it was gorgeous…



The show itself was a bit of a mixed bag. It had some interesting booths and then others that were simply horrid. If you’ve ever been to Toronto’s Creative Sewing Festival you will know what I mean. What I did like though was that there were many displays. I thought some of the modern quilt ones were cool as well as the needle point…



Rowan was there with a very large booth. They had the garments there that mom and I saw at their office when she was here…




Some of the other booths I thought were nice…




I didn’t really buy anything but I did get some very cute hand drawn fabric from a French couple. It looked drawn by a child with cute quotes in French…


I believe we also saw Nicky Epstein at a table with examples from her new book “Knitting in Circles”…


After the show we went into the neighbouring town to look around and we found a Children’s book shop. I was soooooo excited. Mom would have loved it…



At home I whipped up a lovely roasted squash, fennel and walnut salad. Soooooooo simple but flavourful. It’s a “keeper” as dad would say…





Another great weekend but all the more pleasant because it was so unexpected!

Freaky Alien Boy

Sooooooo you may or may not have noticed that my knitting endeavours have been somewhat lacking lately. No reason why in particular but every now and then I just don’t feel like it. Right now I don’t have a choice though because I have a baby boy sweater to finish for a little one that is growing like a weed and the weather is only getting chillier in Canada everyday! I’m stressing out because this is the brother of Lady Fia and her parents are the opposite of short. I’m making the 6-12 month size hoping it will fit him for this fall but honestly I’ll be lucky if he gets into it for a day. It’s one of those things that I really want to do but keep putting off hoping that the knitting fairy will whip it up for me when I’m not looking…and I only have to do the collar, boarders and sew in the sleeves, come on right!

Here’s where it gets spooky though…Halloween is coming you know…I got the knitting out of my basket tonight and pulled out the wrinkled photocopy of the pattern (I like to copy my patterns so I can write on them) and I noticed it was all water stained. I opened it to this picture…

20121004-095816 PM.jpg
I should probably be more concerned about how it got water stained but my knitting appears to be fine. It could have happened on my last flight back to the UK because I had this knitting with me. I don’t know if the creepiness is coming through in the picture but the beady little alien eyes freak me out.

The cardi (see how British I can be, cardi he he he) on the other hand is coming along smashingly (he he he did it again)! …

20121004-100146 PM.jpg

Will try and finish this weekend. I can’t wait to see it with the Union flag buttons.

Crochet Idea!

Check it…3 squares done…I fancy myself a crochet wiz now, ha…

20120415-120854 PM.jpg

This is my idea…remember the knit log cabin blanket…

20120415-121021 PM.jpg
Well each square takes a ball of Noro Kureyon but you end up with a bit left from each ball (enough for one Granny Square.) I of course threw all my bits out from the first blanket (I’m not really a scrap keeper because I feel they will just sit there forever not being used) but mom kept hers and I’ll keep the extra from my second blanket. I think I’ll put the squares together like the knit one with black in between. We’ll see.

Oh and take a look at gorgeous Lady Fia. She’s wearing her new cardi and guzzling hot chocolate from Starbucks! She won’t even take a breath for fear it will be taken away!

20120415-121637 PM.jpg