Still Blogging

Yes, I will still be continuing my blog now that we are back in Canada but I’ve been silent lately because I think the move has finally caught up with me! After being really sick for a week I’ve really done nothing. That’s what working back at school will do to you I guess.

Mom on the other hand has been busy whipping up these lovely Classic Elite Yarn mitts out of Liberty Print…


You can get the pattern when you buy the yarn from participating stores. Of course Julie at the Needle Emporium is carrying the yarn and pattern. I only got a pair because of mom’s perfection tendencies! The yarn is variegated so the first pair she made was too “off” so she got another ball and made another pair to match with the first. Lucky me!

My Altair cap is coming along too. I’ve done the pattern around the base and am working on the body of the cap. You can see the pattern but I would recommend picking two colours with a greater contrast…

I need to keep going.

I’ll leave you with a precious picture of Sir Isaac who likes to dress up in his sister’s (Lady Fia) rain cape that I made her a couple years ago. He’s too cute, eh! (He’s also not 2 yet and about as tall as Fia.)…